Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Hump Day: 29 All-Time Grooves to Grind To

To Honor my 200th published post here on Blogger, I decided to compile my ultimate top 29 lists to grind one out to, in true Hump Day fashion.

Not to mention the 'fact' of their moan-worthy existence are juusst ripe for "love, peace, and hap-penis to all!!!

(Disclaimer: This list was compiled stream-of-concious style and in no particular order of preference. Ergo, on-the-spot.  I am well aware that some very worthy mentions are haphazardly M.I.A....     (But that's where YOU all come in!)

Feel free to add some of your own top sexy songs of all time in the comments section of this hear blog post which may have been overlooked....

As such, if one or more of your own sexy offerings ring certain bells within me, I will have a go at it on my dance floor: 

HD filmed, direct and random-style...from my....carpet/tub/balcony..most likely...or...

Oooh, possibly even at the beach, which is (*slinks down in humility), like, only a 3 minute walk TOPS.

I just need a sexily compelling reason to do so.

So I hand over the ultimate power in this particular instance to your rat-a-tats in the commentary box o' love!

Sandra London's Stream of Consciousness Selections of Hardily Grindable Music

1) "Feel Like Making Love" -Bad Company

2) "In Between The Sheets" -Isley Brothers

3) "Sexual Healing" -Marvin Gaye

4) "Juicy Fruit" -Mtume

5) "I'm F***ing You Tonight" -Notorious B.I.G. featuring R. Kelly

6) "What's Your Phone Number" -TuPac Shakur

7) "I'd Rather Be Your N****a" -Tupac Shakur

8) "Do You Wanna Touch Me" -Joan Jett

9) "AA XXX" -Peaches

10) "Feelin' On Ya Booty" -R. Kelly

11) "Rope Burn" -Janet Jackson

12) "Do You Mind" -Janet Jackson

13) "Closer" -Nine Inch Nails

14) "Sex and Candy" -Marcy Playground

15) "Dirty Deeds" -Ac/Dc

16) "Darling Nikki" -Prince aka "Symbol" ;)

17) "No Ordinary Love" -Sade

18) "I Want You" -The Beatles

19) "Knockin' The Boots" -H-Town

20) "Nice and Slow" -Usher

21) "Nasty Girl" -Vanity 6

22) "Pony" -Ginuwine

23) "Give It To Me" -Rick James

24) "I Wanna Sex You Up" -Color Me Badd

25) "Whole Lotta Love" -Led Zepplin

26) "Let's Get It On" -Marvin Gaye

27) "I Can Tell (You Wanna F***)" -504 Boyz, featuring Mercedes

28) "My Neck, My Back (Lick It) -Khia

29) " Angel" -Massive Attack

So Get Your Freak On  Sexy Peoples <Top or Bottom> =),


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