Thursday, February 9, 2012

***Come Grind With Me, Erotically*** =)

A warm and wet kitteh Thank You to everyone who tuned in last Sunday evening to my radio show, Playtime with Sandra.

The good times on Playtime will continue again (and again), this coming Sunday and onwards.

As I continue to fine-tune and collaborate with Naked Girls Radio, IndyBear, and others-to-be-named-soon-ish, I have a special message for those who may feel compelled to come with and get naked with me and my naughty net buddies.....(Keep Reading Below!)


For My Dear:

*Grinders who model/cam/film/pose and wish to further increase their fan base

*Grinders who are musically-inclined (with web-friendly audio files ready and willing for new fans and air-time)

*Grinders who are literarily erotic (aka: erotica writers, newbie nubiles or oh-so-pro are equally welcome) and like to storytell

*Grinders who are just-plain-awesome/entrepreneurial and want to share their sunshine (aka: website) with my listeners


If any of the above indicators apply to you (or you know someone who'd totally fit within my playspace).....

=> You are more than welcome to email* me and/or check-in with me on Naked Girls Radio to submit your request to: 

A) Be Interviewed as a Featured Guest/Model

B) Have Your Music Featured (and on-deck on the radio playlist)


C) read/send a sample of your erotica
(or have me read it on your behalf, with your authorship fully credited/cited and a plug of your website)

->For the Love Of Audio, 

--->On an episode of my Playtime with Sandra London radio show.

****** =)

And now for a shameless, only slightly belated plug from yours truly:

Check Out My Latest Featured Live and Grind Erotica

My "first-time" short story erotica, Daniel And The Third Leg, was recently published (on January 17, 2012) and is available for your willing and able-bodied eyes on Every Night Erotica.

"Daniel..." is my second piece of lustful literature ever to be featured on .

<My first feature was The Nymph>

If it pleases you to do so, kindly let me (and E.N.E) know how well my story worked itself out for you ;)

Sandra London reading a bondage book called Bondage For Sex on Feb 4, 2012

Audibly Yours,

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* Please send your radio show submissions to

                  sandra at toliveandgrindinla dot com


Hello, sexy beings!!! I love to hear from my Live and Grind Readers. Please do leave your thoughts, commentary, questions or suggestions when the mood strikes. ;)

xxxo, Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind (Los Angeles/Europe)