Thursday, February 23, 2012

~@ As The Polls Turn: Grand Ole Posturing ~@

"YES, I'M JUDGING YOU." =) -from the Red-Threaded DollBaby Series <shot 02/11/2012>

Pre-Live Tweeted Commentary from yours truly @ImSandraLondon during last night's AZ Grand Ole Posturing:

"Currently watching AZ Live Pub Master (De)Bate....Pure comedy abounds ;)"

"Strong theoretical argument on birth control by Ronnie aimed at Santi and his invisible sweater...but such a touchy topic....*drama!*"

"RomneyCare? What's up with the al....? lol...Hmm..."

"Ooh ooh ooh...Boy fight! Haircare flying everywhere! lol..I amuse myself...don't mind me!"

"This debate is better than a soap opera...all that thinly concealed, pent-up's almost making me moist......MY EYES! lol"

"I like how the lighting is kept low in the audience.Sets the mood...Now if only they played sweet sounds of Obama singing in the background"

"That's it..I'm getting too turned on....Commercial break, please! =)"
"Waiting to Extoll" ;) -From the Red-Threaded DollBaby Series <shot 02/11/2012>

"Show Me Your Title XXX!",
From A Radical Grrl Scout and Adorable Armchair Critic,
Sandra London

Extras: Courage (huh?). Resolute (Indeed). Cheerful (WTF?). Consistent (And HOW! =)).
P.S. : If politics excite you as much as they do me, fill in my Inside Jokes by catching up: AZ GOP Debate Live Blog

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