Tuesday, February 28, 2012

28 +1 Sandra London Semi-Secrets (Day 4)

Sandra LONDON (November 2011)

The Secret: I'm a silent ninja bunny in my sleep.

Sandra LONDON (January 2011)

The Spill: I sleep silently, for the most part, at night.

But, the noise I DO make, from time to time, comes in the form of thrashing my feet around against the bed.

Little kicks, in quick succession, like a lil bunny rabbit...

Or, like, you know how when you watch doggies running on their back/sides in the sleep?


That would be me.

Not like all night long...now THAT would be weird, huh? ;)

But, yeah, sometimes.

Sandra LONDON (November 2011)

Oh, and I am prone to spontaneous little giggles and hip wriggling...and thrusting and arching my bum, if I'm lying on my side.

MUCH to the amusement of bedfellows....or so I've been told.

Your Somnambulist Nympho,
sandra london

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