Monday, February 27, 2012

28 +1 Sandra London Semi-Secrets Day 3

Sandra LONDON (02/26/2012)

The Secret: Any form of math beyond basic pre-algebra might as well be Greek (to me). 

Sandra LONDON (02/26/2012)

The Spill: Oh, add Physics to the list of subjects that make me go, "Get thee AWAY!" IMMEDIATELY!!! =)

I mean, philosophically, sure, I get it.

And I sure do appreciate the utility that all that knowledge provides, but, um. Yeah, seriously, I am absolutely tragic in that regard.

As strong as I may be in reading/writing/language...I think it must be so to counterbalance the possibility of my ever becoming proficient in numbers and uber-science-y thingies.

There goes my dream of being a brain

Waaah.... *sigh* ;)

Secret # 3 Embedded,

Wanna do my homework? (jk)
P.S.: pIX WIll be aDDed soon. Wanted to get in this post before the stroke of midnight!

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