Monday, January 23, 2012

~Leaving Las Vegas and H(AVN)' Fun~

I'm sooo bad for not posting in the last few days, I know!

 I blame Vegas .....

Or maybe the Jager (although not necessarily in that order! jk)

I made it out here to the V-Town on Thursday on two wings and a prayer.

I was thisclose to not making my flight at all, you guys!

Luckily, the airline desk clerk changed her directive from asking me to return for an 8pm flight (It was about 1245pm or so) to saying, "OK, if you walk (or run) quickly, you juuust might make it!

So, I took that challenge and made it in record time through security and past the most confusing compartment of flight gate scategories evAr.

Or, almost.

The Calgary airport still wins for biggest mindf*** over matter.

Moving along.....


I paid for the airport shuttle from the Vegas airport in shiny half dollars and was only mildly distressed by the hard sales pressure of the dude trying to peddle time shares in exchange for 'deep' discounts to shows.

"See this $300 price tag written in this here catalogue? How much do you think I can get that to come down for you all? Wait for it....wait for it.....$100....ooh, or even LESS. Possibly. Maybe....Just, uhh....well, how much ya got?"



But, hey, a pitch is a pitch, non?



But, hey, who am I to interject?

Sooo, chilling in the Hard Rock night after night for AVN festivities provided plenty of amusement and good times. I love the energy and music that blares out over the loud speakers in this hotel/casino more than any other.

While trekking about in search of Body English, I happened upon the beautiful, stunningly gorgeous Misty Stone, whom I had previously met during Night Moves as well as the super hot Sophie Dee and the uber cool bruh man, Lee Bangs

Every meal I've had has been absolutely exceptional. Who knew strawberries and whipped cream could be that darn yummy for no reason at all?

What's more, the weather has been largely agreeable, with the exception of the other night when I wore a tight, halter dress and left my velour jacket in the room and braved the 'wintry' night with headlights a beamin'.....

Ummm.....and...arrangements are being made to provide a supplementary radio broadcast to make up for last night's cancelled show. 

Luckily, I was able to confer with Ustream and music licensing was NOT the reason for the abrupt ending to last weekend's show.

Blame mes tatas....!

The cleave was a bit tooo.....non-PG for the general audience.

Is that vague?


Or do you understand the code  that I am relaying with my fingers?!?!? =)

Be that as it may, yours truly will be right back doin' the do and 'casting for you live in short order.

Rest assured, I will keep you, uh, aBREAST in regards to the next round of Playtime.

In the meanwhile, I will be debating whether or not to venture out of my hotel room to pick up any last minute trinkets or keep plugging away on the interwebs until I am summoned to grind the friendly skies and go back (in black) to Cali!!!

Sinnin' Is Winnin', or "Have a Lucky Moan Day",


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip!! Welcome home! :)

  2. Hey, Jess! And how!!!! lol...Thanks...Can't wait to broadcast again this Sunday...Love you, girlie!

    xxxo, Sandra


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