Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting You Over The Hump, Caveman Style

photography captured by Sandra LONDON at Mansion at Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA (October 2011)


Dave and his wife, Debra, invited me over for a day of work and dinner,  as I was helping them build a fence. 

I finished, and was cleaning up for dinner, when I spotted a headshot-only photo of a young woman on the mantle. 

She was simply stunning, with Mediterranean features:

WOLF GIRL by Boris Vallejo

Thick, shiny, jet-black hair to past her shoulders; almond complexion; wide mouth; pert nose; fine cheekbones; dark-olive eyes,  a mile deep.

I demanded to know who she was. 

It turned out she was Amy, Dave's sister. 

Age 21. 

She had just graduated from college in Georgia, where Dave's family was from.

Amy was teaching elementary school in rural Georgia, making just barely enough money to stay alive, literally. 

Had graduated summa cum laude in English with a minor in Mythology.

She was scary smart, artsy, and described to me as "dark" (before people knew what "Gothic" was). 

Dave claimed she had a "brick shithouse" body, and, when Debra nodded gravely, I knew I was in ---

Or wanted to be."

-Excerpted text from The Gentler Side of The Caveman (with permission from the author), C.L. aka "*SeaLover*"


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