Monday, January 30, 2012

A Case of The Moan Days: As The Polls Turn

A Case of The Moan Days, with a lil bit o' L'Optisme ;)

"Those who have asserted all is well talk nonsense; they ought to have said that all is for the best."

"Nothing could be smarter, more splendid, more brilliant, better drawn up than two armies. Trumpets, fifes, hautboys, drums, cannons, formed a harmony such as never been heard in hell."

Ellen Kooi Photography

"I should like to know which is worse, to be raped a hundred times by Negro pirates, to have a buttock cut off, to run the gauntlet among the Bulgarians, to be whipped and flogged in an auto-da-fe, to be dissected, to row in a gally, in short, to endure all the miseries through which we have parsed, or to remain here doing nothing?"

Sandra London/Scorching Images

" If we do not exert the right of eating our neighbor, it is because we have other means of making good cheer."

Gothic Tattoo

"If this is the best of all possible worlds, what are the others?"

Happy Moan Day ;)


*Quotations from Candide (Voltaire) 1759

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