Friday, December 16, 2011

XXXMas Countdown Day IX: Happy Birthday, Grinders =)


Day Nine of the XXXMas Countdown marks the one year anniversary of To Live and Grind in L.A.

On this day, exactly one year ago on December 16th, 2010, Live and Grind debuted on Wordpress and made 'her' presence official with the christening of via WordPress and then later transferred to GoDaddy and Blogger =)

Over the course of the past year, I have filled well over 12+ notebooks (yep, good ole paper and pen) with a smorgasbord  of notes, ongoing stats, creative ideas, current event tid-bits, learnings, erotica, outlines, etc in true eternal nerd-girl fashion.

Thus, today, I've spent a large part of my waking hours trying to figure out how best to celebrate this special day.  

And, given the sheer quantity of scribblings I mentioned above coupled with the most up-to-date info from Google Analytics and the other stat sites I subscribe to, well....  

All that just got me lost in a maze (although a delightful one!) of year-end stats, facts, and trivia.

Well, I will definitely share the run-down for you, if you're interested.

However, I will be posting them on my archives site throughout the weekend, as that amount of data would be way too much info to digest in one blog post here

(not to mention boring as all get out for those who really don't care for that sort of intel ;P)!

What I DO want to share with everyone is that I have many new projects that are presently in their beginning stages.

What's more, there are a few other goodies that are nearly ready to be fully unleashed to the masses of sexy people (read: this means YOU!).


For today, let's just go with one tidbit:

=> I'm currently writing my latest erotica story, which is tentatively entitled, "The F*** Club: A 21 Guns Salute" which will be about:

 A top-secret sex society/club that has a very interesting membership process, involving at LEAST twenty-one male soldiers, and one very enterprising, sexy, daring aspiring female sex club candidate.

I wrote up the basic premise for The F*** Club late last year, shortly after writing my first two erotic stories, The Nymph and Sex on Planes

It has been waiting to be completed for a VERY long time, so that is my gift to the Grind! =)

A GREAT, BIG Thank You to everyone who has continued:

 To follow me, watch me;

Who have inspired me, promoted me online and in real time;

Who have "gifted" me, spoiled me, and/or wished me well.

OK, I'll say 'ttys, for now'.

Off to ride my new bike....or, wait, not now.

This weekend-ish.

I still have even more work to finish up.  

But, thank you, too Harley Davidson/Bartels for the most a propos new pink and white bike in the whole entire world!!!
FOR SALE, even! How frugal of me, eh? ;) - A Worksman Cycles Production. Hand-Made. Priceless.

Riding Out,


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