Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday's Thong-Bytes and Wood Knockings

OK, so I did this little ditty in the oui hours of yester' morn'....getting my last jollies off and out before I change my beloved tresses, yet AGAIN, into something even sexier, sultrier, and somewhat more humanoid.

I got carried away with the feather in that clip above.

But can you blame me?

It matches the drapes oh-so-purrfectly, non?

Meanwhile, back at the palace, I've been musing and mumbling, tapping away on dear Josie, my beloved pink VAIO, and trying to make a valiant attempt at having a day or three off from working so laboriously on site plannings and net domination...

But, ya, see, you know, I can't stay away for too long...

I've got too much...just, like...brimming.....and frothing...(ehhh...wait, eww?)...


Yeah, what I mean to say is that I like 'talking with' you all...

I won't say 'to', because quite a few of you do engage with me via email, Twitter, comments, in-person 'WTF was THAT about? Was that post meant exclusively for moi?' type of interplay and such...that, well, I know ya hear me...and

I like to hear from you, too!!!

And, no.

No posts are meant expressly for any single person, unless you're expressly mentioned and, like, heretofore aware of your pseudonym, moniker, and/or alias.

Suffice it to say, you're all lovely, wonderful, and snuggly and the 'you' I refer to is to all humankind that happen upon my playground on the web...

And, of course, my scribblings are largely notes of well-wishings, inspirations, words of wisdom, and mighty meanderings.

It's a labour of love because:

=> I love to grind,

=>I love The Grind,

=> I love 'YOU'


=> I love sitting upon your virtual lap, desk, palm, fingers (virtually!!!) or entering your wet dream per your ardent, feverish desires.

Your Knob Knocker,


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