Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sandra London's Top 25 List of 2011 Belle Rockin' Roundup!!!

1) Cet Obscur Objet Du Desir (realise par Luis Bunuel)

2) Due Process and Stick-to-it-iveness....ness =)

3) Prague and The European Summit

4) Exxxotica Miami, Chicago, LA, and NJ

5) Reverence of Contemporary and Timeless Heroes in Human Form.

6) Angel Investors & Asset Building

7) The Noble Pursuit of Truth, Justice, and Happiness.

8) Vampyres by Jose Ramon Larraz

9) Daniel Tosh and The Acknowledgement of Absurdity

10) The Mansion at Forsyth Park-Savannah, GA

11) Visiting Troy Davis' cemetery plot in Georgia.

12) Prince William and Lady Catherine Middleton (and female heirs having equal rights to the throne)

13) Erotica Writers/Writing/Readers

14) South Beee--ahhhh---chh (!!!)

15) Freedom Fighters

16) The personification of my ever-increasing teddy bear family collection

17) Watching a superb Chaser's Lounge  karaoke revised rendition of the song which now goes, "I'm a redneck womanizer/ Can I get a "Hell YEAH?!?!" ;)

18) The Power of the Kitteh

19) Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C.

20) Erotic Art

21) Increasingly Odd Moments of Random Inspiration

22) The Dearest Goats I Ever Did See at Cox Farms, Virginia

23) Learning-By-Doing

24) Versatility. Dynamism. Expecting The Unexpected.

25) Eternal Returns

In The Heart of The Dragon,

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