Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting You Over The Hump, Zodiac-Style

Have you heard the NEWS?

Umm, Mercury is in Sagittarius for the next nine weeks!!!

Things may actually be pretty damn awesome...for, like, maybe everyone?

Or, shi** at least for me? ;) <Pretty peas?>

Anyways, this Aries astrology impersonation by Debra Silverman is painfully accurate. Although, chica is way too hyper! And I'm a controlled combustion.



I mean, the words coming out of her mouth are priceless, in so far as they pertain to my breed, but she kind of exhausted me to listen to!

I need a nightcap AND a nap now......But first.......!!! lol

In closing, I could do without her happy pillage, but the zodiac descriptor is totally spot-on.

What say you?

But, then, I've already told you all this star lore before (see my archives )

What's YOUR Zodiac sign? ;)

Sandra LONDON aka Your Dar(l)ing Ram

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  1. I wish I was near....... so you are the best..... thanks for your photos.... they keep me happy. greetings from Bristol uk. xxxxCorrado.


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