Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 10 Days of XXXMas Countdown Has Begun: Day X

Happy Holidays, my Sweet SnowHearts!
Original Art Work Submitted by The Artist, Ted of TuBear Studios

As I write today's blog post in the 'oui' hours of the morn, I am watching a live speech of General Austin, as he announces the official end to Iraq operations by US forces on CNN.

I'm also chatting with a few fun friends far and near who are embedded with me in interspace.

At the start of my impromptu Ten Days of XXX-Mas, inspired by all things XXX, I want to wish everyone a happy, hopeful , horny and hilarious holiday season.

May all the best gifts in the world be bestowed upon you in the form of fun, warm feelings, big smiles, and maybe a hot, live bunny who will happen upon your bedroom...

...and decide to pop a squat. *giggles*

Well, so long as you can keep him or her from hopping too vigorously on your lap, that is!

May your loved and sexy significant ones 'be easy'.

Where am I going with this? Never mind!

Ahem, and how am I?

Jolly as can be.

I have certainly accomplished a heckuva lot more than I thought I would this year.

Which means, quite possibly, that I'm just not dreaming big enough.

Or maybe it has all been as it should be.

Whatever it is, I look forward to good vibes continuing to buzz around me (*smile) and for them to rub on out and make their way to you, too!

So that's my first wish!

You know, good wish vibrations....or some such.

Oh, and here's some No-Thong for your Thursday =)

In Your Stockings,
Sandra London
***Post originally written at 2:30am this morning!

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