Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sex Drives and Dream States


Sex Drives and Dream States (erotica)

I am stranded.
Alone, I hitch-hike.

Destination: Anywhere

You pull over in your truck.
You extend a hand to pick me up.

I'm spent.

You're fairly hot.
I'm fairly horny.

I observe you, silently.


After a few hundred miles, I blow you.
Exhausted, I fall asleep in your lap.....

Several hours later, night falls.

The truck slows to a stop.
You stop to check the tires.

Perhaps one has gone flat.

I wake up.

I do not see you.

Many hours must have passed.

It is so very dark.


I look out through the windshield.

Cautiously, I grab my blanket.

It is from the floor of the passenger seat.

I wrap it around myself.
I exit the truck.

I jump down to the ground.

I am afraid to announce my presence to the lonely night.
Furtively, I look around.

I venture towards the back of your truck.

I do not see you there.

I hear the music of the unknown in the wilderness before me.
I hear the rustling of the trees.
I hear the stirring of the leaves.

Image Location: Washington DC

Suddenly, a warm hand envelops my waist.
Sweet, hot breath tickles my ears.

You whisper," Hey, baby,....You alright?"

It is the first time I hear you speak.
Your deep, gentle voice turns me on.
No further reason.


It is cold out, even with my blanket wrapped around me.
I suppose I sort of swoon, half-moaning.

Heady in your presence.

I feel your hard cock pressing defiantly,
Wrestling against your jeans.
It is poking my blanket.

I am very impressed.

"I am sooo cold....So very, very cold......"

You hug me closer from behind.

I feel an instant urge to abandon myself
To sink into your arms.

I look back at you.
I smile.

You are much hotter than I remembered.
This close up.

Sandra LONDON in The Bardot Series (2011)

"Wow", I coo.

I reach behind me.
My blanket falls away.

Your arms still keep me warm.

I unzip your jeans.

I do not want to disrupt the energy.

 I feel it stirring in my panties.
It becomes so hard for me to breathe.

My hands shiver uncontrollably.

I fumble as I loosen your belt.
Hesitant, I pause for a spell.

I let a few seconds pass, motionless. 

I start again.
I dive my hands greedily into your jeans.

My eyes widen.

I am shocked at my discovery....

Sandra LONDON in The Bardot Series (2011)

I am dripping wet.

My arousal warms the space between my thighs.

I shudder and shiver once again.
Without reprieve.

It is no longer from the cold.

I am ready for you.

I want to uncover you.
I imagine how you may feel
Deeply Within.

I reckon how sleepy I must have been.

How did I fail to notice the drive?

The beauty?
The power?
The smooth, solid readiness---

Of your massively swollen cock?

How could it have gone unnoticed?
The consumption. My consumption.
Of your strong, steely weapon of love.

Sandra LONDON (Candid image shot April 2011 in Virginia)
In the recesses of my painted mouth
In the pit of my yearning throat, 
Or the embedded buds of my lustful tongue

Your cock inches ever closer
To my unbridled honey pot.

It glides effortlessly as you part my thighs.

I feel your hands
Engaged with my heat.

You position yourself
Your hungry, throbbing manhood.
You solidify your stance. 

I inhale sharply,
Readying myself for the plunge.

You enter.

Sandra LONDON (March 2011)

***THE END***

[CAPTURED @ 8:02:09 PM ON 11/22/2011] BY Sandra London: ****THE END***


Written by
 Sandra LONDON

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