Thursday, November 3, 2011

Like Sweaters for Penguins: Exxxotica New Jersey

Photo Credit: Toby Zerna/NewsPix/Rex USA

Uhh..mmm..yeah! Is that NOT the cutest picture EVAR? 

So, ya, like outerwear for penguins...***

I hope you all will allow me to be all warm and fuzzy and extend the cheeriest, fuzziest invite to Exxxotica New Jersey from November 4th-November 6th, 2011 <this weekend!>.

Come check out the latest in adult inter-tainment and webluvin'....all in one neat lil complex that be: the New Jersey Convention Center.

On opening night, pop in to my seminar on Webcamming for Fun and For Profit alongside Alex Goyk of MyFreeCams as we share with you the wonderful world of baring it all on the world wide web.

Lots o' sticky goodness and glob of g-string!

Guaranteed to be informative, interesting, and intensely stimulating. And you just might join the bare-assed brigade of webdom(me) with us all. 

Saddle up, young ladies and're in for a rip-roaring ride!

Buck and Leroy from Circle Bar B Resort 2008
Cheers and Kerchiefs,


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