Monday, November 28, 2011

A Case of the Mondays: Working Hard At Hotly Working ;)

Feel free to watch this video either:

A) On mute (especially if you're at work !) and totally don't want to hear me doing what I'm not quite sure qualifies as 'singing'


B) At full blast, so you can get, quite possibly, a GREAT big laugh and/or possibly a stiff one

(either in the neck region or, a bit lower *shrugs)

despite my lack of vocal range

<lyrically/audibly speaking, mind you!)

As You Wish,


p.s.: I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon and Monday super-booty-early making what I tend to make, sexy dance videos, gangbusters of photos <I think I saved 800 of them from today!!!> and even a few uber-bitchy teaser clips and smoking vids.

For your future viewing pleasure...

Just as soon as I get them squared away and labelled neatly and all that jazz.

p.p.s.: Uploading.......;)

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