Sunday, October 30, 2011

~She's SO Amazing:The Amazing Jane Interview Extraordinaire (Part 3)~

Sandra: What is your most-wanted item on your current wishlist? What's the best gift you've ever received from a customer?

The Amazing Jane: OH, MAN!  I am so looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, and I want it on both 360 and PC. 

I know that's kind of greedy, but I'll totally get them myself if no one gets them for me.  

The best gift I've ever received? 

Definitely my cellphone. 

I love it to death and use it all the time. It was a surprise and not a wishlist item. 

I still insist he must have been psychic because I didn't even know I wanted that kind so badly!


Sandra: What is your preferred health food or healthy snack?

The Amazing Jane:

I bake my own bread and, I tell you, there is nothing like fresh baked bread. 

The aroma it creates in your house is better than any air freshener or perfume. 

A lot of people are anti-carb and anti-bread these days, but bread is eternal.

It is one of the oldest foods, and the nutritional benefits of a fresh baked loaf are irreplaceable.  

The process is relaxing and one of the greatest forms of stress relief. I'm very into kitchen ferments and how they affect your health, too. 

I currently make Kombucha (fermented tea), sourdough and desem from wild yeast, and I'm hoping to start making yogurt and kefir soon!  

When I get my house in the country, I'll be growing all my vegetables too. 

Take that Whole Foods!

Sandra:  Any current promos/specials/events/trips you'd like to mention that is happening for you and/or your site or a site with which you are affiliated?

The Amazing Jane: Totally! When you buy a show from me via Alertpay, you can get a 30 minute show for 75$

Awesome, right? 

I pay so much less to them than I do to any of the network sites that I'm happy to pass on the savings.

Sandra: If you'd like, please share information about your pets and your experience with caring for animals.

The Amazing Jane: Ahahah, well. I have six.

=>Two hounds,

=>A rottweiler and

=>Three of the most spoiled cats you can imagine.

I'm one of those types of people who collects pets---

In ten years you may see me on hoarders.

I will be the only one with a clean house, despite having pets coming out of the vents!

My advice to anyone who loves their pets: Always take them to the vet, but make your own decisions regarding their care. 

If you are aware of the controversies with human immunizations, you can only imagine how much there is in veterinary medicine.  

Research, research, research. 

Oh, and love! 


And please, for christ's sake, train your dogs. 

It's no one's fault but your own if you have a "bad dog". 

You did that, you big old jerk, so if you get rid of Fido for your mistakes, don't count on a cam show from me! /End Rant ;)

***Here marks the end of my interview with The Amazing Jane

My thoughts? THE Amazing Jane is BOSS, beautiful, bootyfull, and brilliant. I haz been mesmerized!

Thank you, Jane
sandra london =) 

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