Thursday, October 27, 2011

She's So Amazing: The Amazing Jane Interview (part 2)


Sandra: What is your favorite vacation spot? What is your most memorable experience traveling?

The Amazing Jane: Well, I don't really vacation.  

I'm actually a huge homebody.  

Every time I take a vacation, I'm still here, doing the same things that I do on my off days.  

I've been nice places, don't get me wrong.  

I lived in Washington DC for a year and we traveled all through the "DMV" area.  I still miss the food.  There was this awesome little place in Gaithersburg called "Taco Bar".   

It was a little place to get tacos inside of a gas station, and I literally would drive 40 minutes at least 30 times a week just to get a bistek taco! 

Sandra: Which is your all-time favorite "trashy" romance novel? =)

The Amazing Jane: Dang!  I don't think people have favorite trashy romances.   Like B-movies, you just kind of watch them for entertainment and then they're done.  

I actually re-read them and don't realize it until halfway through the book because they're so similar and predictable.   

I have favorite respectable novels, though.  

I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand every year.  

Or Island of The Swans by Ciji Ware.   

I read a lot of Science Fiction, too.  And Biblical Fiction.  

Ha ha ha, who am I kidding? I read everything.  

I have 6 large bookcases overflowing; boxes in my garage.  

I buy so many that I actually buy duplicates sometimes and get embarassed when I go through my books and discover how many copies exist as far as what I have. 

Sandra: What do you like most and least about camming? Dancing? Any other form of sex work. best and worst aspects?

The Amazing Jane: What I love most about camming?  Well, I masturbate all the time, so having someone pay for what is essentially my leisure time is amazing.  

I also am a little bit of a bitch, so getting paid to dominate a man and getting all that bitchiness out so I can be normal to the people I love?  


I should pay those guys!   

I really can't think of a worst part- it's a win-win situation, every situation! 

Sandra: What is your favorite fetish to indulge your customers with? Which fetish is most requested by your cam customers? Any funny (or just plain awesome) anecdotes in regards to camming (or any other form of sex work)?

The Amazing Jane: Heels and stockings, flat out.  

I love getting sexy and glammed out and showing someone my best stripper style dances.  

I love the feel of heels and how amazing they make my legs look--- and running my hands down stocking-encased thighs?  


I think the most requested fetish is probably face-sitting for me, but I have a body type that works really well for it!  

I think my large bone structure and big fat booty just sings a siren's song to those kind of guys.  

Ahahah, the first time I did giantess fetish, I didn't understand that I was supposed to be a sexy giant, so I kind of did a fie-fi-fo- fum routine.  

True story.  Tragic Story.  

I bet I withered his erection so badly he couldn't erase the sight from his mind.  

He probably masturbates to regular porn now, poor thing.  If you're reading this, I swear I'll be the best giant you've ever seen!   

****end of The Amazing Jane Interview part 2****

Isn't this lady awfully entertaining and hella-spectaculuscious? Well, The Amazing Jane told you she was amazing...You know that whole quote, "When people show you who they are, believe them?" 

Well, truer words were ne'er written/spoken/bequeathed unto the masses (in my opinion only ;)). 

True Talk =)

sandra london

p.s.: Stay tuned for Part 3 of The Amazing Jane Interview headed here shortly.  However, you may experience a brief, imminent broadcasting interruption from a VERY horny, VERY freaky mandingo, who comes day and night. But ESPECIALLY at night! You've been warned, chick-a-dees and dudes!!!

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