Sunday, October 23, 2011

She's So Amazing: The Amazing Jane Interview (part1)


Well, hello and Happy Sunday, ladies and gentlemen! 

I am 'more than happy' (a la George Carlin ;) ) to present another one of my warmest, friendliest, sexiest cyber gal pals to you. 

This lovely dame belongs to a few of the same social media circles and industry forums I frequent. 

Jane has consistently exuded quality, candor, and a keen, sharp wit--- coupled with a very well-rounded sexual appetite, curiosity, and pure, awe-inspiring lusciousness. 

She's not your average Jane. 

She's The Amazing Jane

Read on...

Sandra London: Did you teach yourself to pole dance, learn from a fellow dancer, or take a class?

The Amazing Jane: All of the above!  My first step was to buy a pole.. and I quickly discovered that aside from wiggling prettily around it, I had no clue where to start. 

 I wanted big tricks and amazing floorwork.  So, I took a class- I was very lucky to have a studio around me as we lived in the middle of Nowhere, North Carolina.  

I loved it, I recommend it to everyone.  

Especially men.  


We need more male pole dancers. 

Sandra: What is the wildest example of something you've done which showcases your exhibitionist streak? (Well, that you're comfortable sharing with the worldwideweb!)

Amazing Jane: Hahahah.  I've no idea.  I've streaked a few times.  

I'm always the first one to share my nude photography.  

I sunbathe nude whenever I get a chance, topless if I absolutely have to. My curtains are ALWAYS open.   

Nothing too crazy, just regular standard exhibitionist fare! 

Sandra: What is your favorite style/genre of music? Favorite band? Favorite song EVER? (I realize this could be three totally different answers/styles/genres of music ;) !)

Jane: I love downtempo, smooth electronic music - and I love it's brother Trip Hop.  

There's just something about those completely danceable basslines coupled with haunting vocals.  

I listen to a lot of dubstep, so my favorite song currently is that Zed's Dead Remix of Massive Attack's Paradise Circus.  

That song is amazing!  

Outside of that, I listen to anything that is danceable, which is nearly everything.   

Favorite song ever?   Holy moly.  

Maybe Smokestack Lightning by Howling Wolf.   

No matter what, I can listen to that song and feel it in my bones!  

Sandra: What's it like living in Texas? Have you lived there all of your life or elsewhere?

Amazing Jane: I love Texas.  

I'm not originally a Texan- I lived in California for the first half of my life.  

Texas is one of those states where you immediately feel at home.  

It's not cowboys and cactuses, it's just a state you can be proud of.  

We could power our entire state solely on windpower, our economy is still growing even though we're in the middle of a Depression (or recession, if you're still feeling resistant).  

I love the friendliness, I love the countryside.  I love the huge, sprawling suburban areas.  I love how every big city spawns a "MetroPlex".  

No matter what you want to do, you can do it here- I imagine I feel the same way about Texas that immigrants who came through Ellis Island felt about America in general.  

This is my land of opportunity.  

Options ahoy!

******End of Part One

More of the Amazing Jane Interview is on deck,
sandra london


  1. Hey, just found your blog through twitter. Had a quick look through it. Looks great. Will be following from now on.

  2. Thank you so much, Webcam Model! I'm glad you enjoy my website. I hope to continue giving you mah goods! lol...xxxo, Sandra LONDON


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