Friday, October 7, 2011

London Does Tampa Bay: Down By The Bay, Where The Porn Stars Show

Day One: Kitties In The Clouds (ouiiiiiii ;))
Yours Truly, The King, and Miss Pandora at Bliss Cabaret 10/06/2011

LAX -> Austin, TX {courtesy of Southwest Airlines and the Continental Lounge}

=> Smooth sailing. "I got this sh**!" ;)

Sitting with THE KING

=> Said it was the first time ever that he was able to sit next to a hot girl on a plane. I told him, umm, maybe that's a good thing.

Who'd want a raging semi for, like, a full 5 hrs in the air with no release? I mean, let's be reasonable.

 ;) lol....I've known Sir Jack Cannon since, like, February and didn't know I was hot ( per his standards) til the seat belt lights came on.

Austin->Tampa {TPA}

=> A very necessary Irish Coffee in the US Air Lounge

Welcome to The Bay

=> A VERY nice welcoming lunch a l'italiano and a roll-call introduction, de-briefing, and shacking off.

~New FleshMarketing Friends~

Rachel Synn
Ms Pandora
Serena Marcus
Kiki D'Aire (She's my roomie, you guys!!! Don't you wish we had a 24/7 cam up in here;) )
Lelu Love
Allie Haze

Several Fun and Freaky Porn People All in a Row

-> Half-seated/Half-standing room only, while the wheels of the crazy train....err, very short bus <but still totally, totally bad-ass, for serious> went round and round to carry all that sexy to Bliss Cabaret!!!

Busty Balloons Strikes Again!!!

=>Rachel Synn filmed me crushing balloons with my spiky stilettos. Bust a BUST!

My Closing Thoughts: A LOT of fun and very, very rewarding to meet some people I had only known virtually and/or inspirationally. And, just like strip club dressing rooms, the "overheardings" on our very short bus were totally fucking classic. I love that about sexy people. (Yeah, I typed f***ing. It's rare. I know.)

DAY 2: Part One: Recomposition and Establishing Net Worth! ;)
FOREVER REACHING by Tubear Studios

Foods From the Grill
=> Chicken Fingers with BBQ Sauce, Bucket o'Fries, a bottle of Coastal Estates (Escapes?) Cabernet Sauvignon, Key Lime Pie <I think I forgot to pick up the pie with my take-out...darn!>

The Makings of a Pirate Wench...Arr!!!
=> Currently mixing and matching and picking out tonight's attire for the big shebang-a-bang in Holiday, Florida.

YOUR mission, should you choose to accept:

Asset Source Unknown, but would love to cite them! ;)

=>Come watch us Bare our Assets

=> Full NUDE
=> Full LIQUOR
=> Doors open at 7pm
=> Premium Champagne on deck*

See you there. If you DARE! On FourSquare? ;)


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