Saturday, October 29, 2011

In Bed With Ron Jeremy

Yeah, sooo....about that Mandingo I was hinting at.....

Who else could it be but Sir Ron Jeremy? 

You only get a taste of the ahem interview. 

My bad! 


Well, because, umm, I forgot to wear clothing for most of it! 

But, I assure you, plenty of words are exchanged. 

And absolutely NO boinking...

But plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of funny business. 

And did I mention freaky?

Umm, yeah. The Rum Man cometh, but not in that way!!!

Or does he?

If you wanna see the no-holds-barred interview for yourself=>In bed=> In the buff. 

Well, err, gotta ask me for the unlisted "Ron Rum" special on my MyGirlFund page or visir my store

Just join (it's free), and message me (also free), and in that message, mention the Ron Rum special and get the entire interview with your loving contribution of $20. and watch for spillage. 

Bring your tissues, this one's a film to remember. 

Sandra Friggin' London
p.s.: Get your copy of In Bed With Ron Jeremy

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