Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Moan Day! How May I Help You? ;)

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Hope you all had a loooovely weekend!

I know, I know...It's Monday.

Here's to making "Back To The Grind" a good thing!!!

I am currently live on MyGirlFund and plan to stay plugged in (and airtight) from now (12pm Pacific Standard Time) until 6pm PST.


Because I like you.

And want to meet you.

And I can do that without leaving my couch, errr, um chaise lounge, or, errr.. umm....massive Japanese platform bed.


Maybe because I also don't need to put a damn thing on to be presentable in my line o' work.

Come deal with it! ;)

Let's loosen up, shall we?


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