Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Tampa?

Guess Who's Coming To Tampa?

Well, here's a hint....

Who's pink and brown and brown and pink and moves at NIGHT?

Give up?

It's Yours Truly, my dearest!!!
Copyright Sandra London/Jim Rhodes of Model Mayhem


I'll be live, direct, and in your space at the 2012 Night Moves Awards!!!

What: Night Moves USA Awards, Tampa
When: October 6th-11th
Where: Tampa Bay Area (see schedule here)
Why: Because how could I possibly miss this?

To see who else will be there, check out the roster of adult stars who will be making an appearance!!!

And what will I be doing there?
Copyright Sandra London/GlamourPhotos

Well, feature dancing at clubs like

=> Bliss Cabaret,

=>Bare Assets,

=>Tampa Gold Club ;

=>Radio Promotions,


=> A hot and steamy dance set on Awards night =)

See You In The Bay!!!

p.s.: For even more Tampa Bay Adult and NightLife information check out NightMoves Magazine

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