Friday, October 14, 2011

London Does Savannah, GA Part One

Check out my latest travel video gallery up above of my lovely, too-short stay in the sweet, somber southern solstice of Savannah, GA courtesy of The Mansion at Forsyth Park.

Consider this "Side A" of the trip.

"Side B" promises to end on a bit more of a moody and sobering chord, as you'll see photos that go from the softer side of life to the loneliest road of them all.

You'll get a glimpse of a fond and friendly farewell to Troy Davis, a man who so many men and womenfolk loved enough to fight for his life--- despite walking home without their fellow man in hand. 

What can one say? Fear nothing in the heart of human justice.

Let there be light.

Ahh....'tis enough for now.

Enjoy the good times, loves!!!

'Til We Meet Again,
Sandra London

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