Monday, October 31, 2011

~Attention All Sock Puppets: Happy Trix and Tweeting!~






Sunday, October 30, 2011

~She's SO Amazing:The Amazing Jane Interview Extraordinaire (Part 3)~

Sandra: What is your most-wanted item on your current wishlist? What's the best gift you've ever received from a customer?

The Amazing Jane: OH, MAN!  I am so looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, and I want it on both 360 and PC. 

I know that's kind of greedy, but I'll totally get them myself if no one gets them for me.  

The best gift I've ever received? 

Definitely my cellphone. 

I love it to death and use it all the time. It was a surprise and not a wishlist item. 

I still insist he must have been psychic because I didn't even know I wanted that kind so badly!


Sandra: What is your preferred health food or healthy snack?

The Amazing Jane:

I bake my own bread and, I tell you, there is nothing like fresh baked bread. 

The aroma it creates in your house is better than any air freshener or perfume. 

A lot of people are anti-carb and anti-bread these days, but bread is eternal.

It is one of the oldest foods, and the nutritional benefits of a fresh baked loaf are irreplaceable.  

The process is relaxing and one of the greatest forms of stress relief. I'm very into kitchen ferments and how they affect your health, too. 

I currently make Kombucha (fermented tea), sourdough and desem from wild yeast, and I'm hoping to start making yogurt and kefir soon!  

When I get my house in the country, I'll be growing all my vegetables too. 

Take that Whole Foods!

Sandra:  Any current promos/specials/events/trips you'd like to mention that is happening for you and/or your site or a site with which you are affiliated?

The Amazing Jane: Totally! When you buy a show from me via Alertpay, you can get a 30 minute show for 75$

Awesome, right? 

I pay so much less to them than I do to any of the network sites that I'm happy to pass on the savings.

Sandra: If you'd like, please share information about your pets and your experience with caring for animals.

The Amazing Jane: Ahahah, well. I have six.

=>Two hounds,

=>A rottweiler and

=>Three of the most spoiled cats you can imagine.

I'm one of those types of people who collects pets---

In ten years you may see me on hoarders.

I will be the only one with a clean house, despite having pets coming out of the vents!

My advice to anyone who loves their pets: Always take them to the vet, but make your own decisions regarding their care. 

If you are aware of the controversies with human immunizations, you can only imagine how much there is in veterinary medicine.  

Research, research, research. 

Oh, and love! 


And please, for christ's sake, train your dogs. 

It's no one's fault but your own if you have a "bad dog". 

You did that, you big old jerk, so if you get rid of Fido for your mistakes, don't count on a cam show from me! /End Rant ;)

***Here marks the end of my interview with The Amazing Jane

My thoughts? THE Amazing Jane is BOSS, beautiful, bootyfull, and brilliant. I haz been mesmerized!

Thank you, Jane
sandra london =) 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In Bed With Ron Jeremy

Yeah, sooo....about that Mandingo I was hinting at.....

Who else could it be but Sir Ron Jeremy? 

You only get a taste of the ahem interview. 

My bad! 


Well, because, umm, I forgot to wear clothing for most of it! 

But, I assure you, plenty of words are exchanged. 

And absolutely NO boinking...

But plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of funny business. 

And did I mention freaky?

Umm, yeah. The Rum Man cometh, but not in that way!!!

Or does he?

If you wanna see the no-holds-barred interview for yourself=>In bed=> In the buff. 

Well, err, gotta ask me for the unlisted "Ron Rum" special on my MyGirlFund page or visir my store

Just join (it's free), and message me (also free), and in that message, mention the Ron Rum special and get the entire interview with your loving contribution of $20. and watch for spillage. 

Bring your tissues, this one's a film to remember. 

Sandra Friggin' London
p.s.: Get your copy of In Bed With Ron Jeremy

Thursday, October 27, 2011

She's So Amazing: The Amazing Jane Interview (part 2)


Sandra: What is your favorite vacation spot? What is your most memorable experience traveling?

The Amazing Jane: Well, I don't really vacation.  

I'm actually a huge homebody.  

Every time I take a vacation, I'm still here, doing the same things that I do on my off days.  

I've been nice places, don't get me wrong.  

I lived in Washington DC for a year and we traveled all through the "DMV" area.  I still miss the food.  There was this awesome little place in Gaithersburg called "Taco Bar".   

It was a little place to get tacos inside of a gas station, and I literally would drive 40 minutes at least 30 times a week just to get a bistek taco! 

Sandra: Which is your all-time favorite "trashy" romance novel? =)

The Amazing Jane: Dang!  I don't think people have favorite trashy romances.   Like B-movies, you just kind of watch them for entertainment and then they're done.  

I actually re-read them and don't realize it until halfway through the book because they're so similar and predictable.   

I have favorite respectable novels, though.  

I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand every year.  

Or Island of The Swans by Ciji Ware.   

I read a lot of Science Fiction, too.  And Biblical Fiction.  

Ha ha ha, who am I kidding? I read everything.  

I have 6 large bookcases overflowing; boxes in my garage.  

I buy so many that I actually buy duplicates sometimes and get embarassed when I go through my books and discover how many copies exist as far as what I have. 

Sandra: What do you like most and least about camming? Dancing? Any other form of sex work. best and worst aspects?

The Amazing Jane: What I love most about camming?  Well, I masturbate all the time, so having someone pay for what is essentially my leisure time is amazing.  

I also am a little bit of a bitch, so getting paid to dominate a man and getting all that bitchiness out so I can be normal to the people I love?  


I should pay those guys!   

I really can't think of a worst part- it's a win-win situation, every situation! 

Sandra: What is your favorite fetish to indulge your customers with? Which fetish is most requested by your cam customers? Any funny (or just plain awesome) anecdotes in regards to camming (or any other form of sex work)?

The Amazing Jane: Heels and stockings, flat out.  

I love getting sexy and glammed out and showing someone my best stripper style dances.  

I love the feel of heels and how amazing they make my legs look--- and running my hands down stocking-encased thighs?  


I think the most requested fetish is probably face-sitting for me, but I have a body type that works really well for it!  

I think my large bone structure and big fat booty just sings a siren's song to those kind of guys.  

Ahahah, the first time I did giantess fetish, I didn't understand that I was supposed to be a sexy giant, so I kind of did a fie-fi-fo- fum routine.  

True story.  Tragic Story.  

I bet I withered his erection so badly he couldn't erase the sight from his mind.  

He probably masturbates to regular porn now, poor thing.  If you're reading this, I swear I'll be the best giant you've ever seen!   

****end of The Amazing Jane Interview part 2****

Isn't this lady awfully entertaining and hella-spectaculuscious? Well, The Amazing Jane told you she was amazing...You know that whole quote, "When people show you who they are, believe them?" 

Well, truer words were ne'er written/spoken/bequeathed unto the masses (in my opinion only ;)). 

True Talk =)

sandra london

p.s.: Stay tuned for Part 3 of The Amazing Jane Interview headed here shortly.  However, you may experience a brief, imminent broadcasting interruption from a VERY horny, VERY freaky mandingo, who comes day and night. But ESPECIALLY at night! You've been warned, chick-a-dees and dudes!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

She's So Amazing: The Amazing Jane Interview (part1)


Well, hello and Happy Sunday, ladies and gentlemen! 

I am 'more than happy' (a la George Carlin ;) ) to present another one of my warmest, friendliest, sexiest cyber gal pals to you. 

This lovely dame belongs to a few of the same social media circles and industry forums I frequent. 

Jane has consistently exuded quality, candor, and a keen, sharp wit--- coupled with a very well-rounded sexual appetite, curiosity, and pure, awe-inspiring lusciousness. 

She's not your average Jane. 

She's The Amazing Jane

Read on...

Sandra London: Did you teach yourself to pole dance, learn from a fellow dancer, or take a class?

The Amazing Jane: All of the above!  My first step was to buy a pole.. and I quickly discovered that aside from wiggling prettily around it, I had no clue where to start. 

 I wanted big tricks and amazing floorwork.  So, I took a class- I was very lucky to have a studio around me as we lived in the middle of Nowhere, North Carolina.  

I loved it, I recommend it to everyone.  

Especially men.  


We need more male pole dancers. 

Sandra: What is the wildest example of something you've done which showcases your exhibitionist streak? (Well, that you're comfortable sharing with the worldwideweb!)

Amazing Jane: Hahahah.  I've no idea.  I've streaked a few times.  

I'm always the first one to share my nude photography.  

I sunbathe nude whenever I get a chance, topless if I absolutely have to. My curtains are ALWAYS open.   

Nothing too crazy, just regular standard exhibitionist fare! 

Sandra: What is your favorite style/genre of music? Favorite band? Favorite song EVER? (I realize this could be three totally different answers/styles/genres of music ;) !)

Jane: I love downtempo, smooth electronic music - and I love it's brother Trip Hop.  

There's just something about those completely danceable basslines coupled with haunting vocals.  

I listen to a lot of dubstep, so my favorite song currently is that Zed's Dead Remix of Massive Attack's Paradise Circus.  

That song is amazing!  

Outside of that, I listen to anything that is danceable, which is nearly everything.   

Favorite song ever?   Holy moly.  

Maybe Smokestack Lightning by Howling Wolf.   

No matter what, I can listen to that song and feel it in my bones!  

Sandra: What's it like living in Texas? Have you lived there all of your life or elsewhere?

Amazing Jane: I love Texas.  

I'm not originally a Texan- I lived in California for the first half of my life.  

Texas is one of those states where you immediately feel at home.  

It's not cowboys and cactuses, it's just a state you can be proud of.  

We could power our entire state solely on windpower, our economy is still growing even though we're in the middle of a Depression (or recession, if you're still feeling resistant).  

I love the friendliness, I love the countryside.  I love the huge, sprawling suburban areas.  I love how every big city spawns a "MetroPlex".  

No matter what you want to do, you can do it here- I imagine I feel the same way about Texas that immigrants who came through Ellis Island felt about America in general.  

This is my land of opportunity.  

Options ahoy!

******End of Part One

More of the Amazing Jane Interview is on deck,
sandra london

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sweetest Death


~The Sweetest Death~ 
An original "On The Spot" porno written by Sandra LONDON

The Clench. The Thrust.
Your Cock. My Bust.
Ooh, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy
Ooh, gimme, gimme, gimme
Your Lust

The Throttle. The Glide.
You wanna slip n' slide.
Ooh, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
Inside. Real High. You Ride.
My Lust.

Phantorgasmically speaking,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Moan Day! Back To The Grind ;)

Time for a little erotic escapism! A welcome respite from your work schedulings, my fellow labourers!!!

Happy Moan Day,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

London Does Savannah Part Two

Here's Part Two, as promised!

Tomorrow, of course, it is Back To The Grind and another Happy Moan Day, complete with a compilation of photographic images of some of the new friends I made on my journey across the South East.

Also on deck, look for an interview of one of my favorite virtual gal pals, the stunningly beautiful AmazingJane within the next few days.

Rest in Peace, Troy Davis
sandra london

Friday, October 14, 2011

London Does Savannah, GA Part One

Check out my latest travel video gallery up above of my lovely, too-short stay in the sweet, somber southern solstice of Savannah, GA courtesy of The Mansion at Forsyth Park.

Consider this "Side A" of the trip.

"Side B" promises to end on a bit more of a moody and sobering chord, as you'll see photos that go from the softer side of life to the loneliest road of them all.

You'll get a glimpse of a fond and friendly farewell to Troy Davis, a man who so many men and womenfolk loved enough to fight for his life--- despite walking home without their fellow man in hand. 

What can one say? Fear nothing in the heart of human justice.

Let there be light.

Ahh....'tis enough for now.

Enjoy the good times, loves!!!

'Til We Meet Again,
Sandra London

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~Night Moves Awards:The Awesome, Perfect, Up To No Good HornDoggie Day~

Ron Jeremy and Me (Sandra London) October 11th, 2011 Night Moves Awards

Hawaiian Village Pool Party Night Moves Fun October 09,2011

Sir Jack Cannon aka THE KING, me, and Meggs (who has the moves like Jagger ;) )

CAPTURED. Put a spell on this new, lovely fan. Here's the pic I promised!!!

The King and his royal ladies-in-waiting ;)

The things one will do for a bottle of Ron de Jeremy Rum =) Sooo worth it!!! =)

Follow the light to heaven and a happy place ;)

More pictures and video coming veddy, veddy soon!!!