Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Ta Tas and Tid Bits

Welcome Back, Loves!!!

OK, I really did want to post earlier, my dear Tweeties and Sweeties! I did! 

But I've been a little tied up and tinkering with some things directly and indirectly related to Live and Grind, in large part, for the bulk of the day. 

Well, I'm here now. And I DO want to show you some titillation, but let me just give a little bit o' tid...

Wait, where to begin?

Oh, I submitted pics of my lovely little tookus to AssElection, by incessant, but loving, demand. 

And, while I was at it, I also sent ta ta pix to their TittyTheatre partner site.

So you can thank them for 'reminding' me to just go ahead and post something already, gosh darn it!;)

OK. Boobs.

And just so your brain doesn't turn to a big ole puddle, check in with me tomorrow for the final installment of Tales of a Dime Traveller, part 3B..... 

Promised to be filled with words of wisdom from the living legend of couchsurf heros, Sir Ramon Stoppelenburg. 

A Domani,

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