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Tales of a Dime Traveller with Ramon Stoppelenburg-Part 3A

Photography by Sandra LONDON

7) Which new city that you travelled to is most "livable" to you, and why? (Like, if you could live anywhere for an indefinite amount of time, which one would you choose?)

When I last answered that question in 2009, I actually moved from Amsterdam to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where I reside now, living the life I want to live (you only need US$1000 to pay rent and get around, so not having to work for a shit load of money either). 

But during my travels I was really impressed with the beauty of Vancouver and the easy-going life people were living there. I mean, on one day you can ski in the mountains and get your surf board to surf in the ocean. 


But I might also retire in the future at the lush green south coast of South Africa, that is just beautiful and you are always surrounded by one of the most friendly people on earth. 

Photography by Sandra LONDON

8) What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you during your travels? (Could be a language misunderstanding, cultural, etc)

One of the most memorable experience I had must be these few days in London. The media went crazy with me and I appeared on morning tv-shows and co-hosted numerous morning radio shows. 

I ended up in the radio show of deejay Bambam (his radio name) who invited me to stay at his place that day too. He had received tickets for the opening premier party of Pearl Harbour on Leicester Square in London so of course we went there. 

We were picked up by a limo, driven through crowds of people behind barricades on that square as they were all trying to get a glimps of the actors who all attended that premier. 

Once inside, it was weird to see the soapies and wannabe-famous people at the front, looking at the high society famous people in the back. 

What a weird world! 

During the movie the lady next to me offered her complimentary bag of popcorn, which I gladly accepted. But Pearl Harbour is a LONG movie and you know, this Dutch guy and to go pee at one time. 

That meant having to stand up and walk all the way to the toilets during the movie. At one point I couldn't hold it any more and told the lady next to me that I had to pass through. 

"Oh, you are going to the toilet? Thank G_d, I'll join in! This movie is long." 

And once in the corridors of the seats I noticed who that woman was. Together with Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls) I walked to the toilets...

It didn't end there. 

In next morning's radio show Bambam told entire London about my toilet visit (and added some extra sugar to the whole story, things the tabloids LOVE there) and decided to give me away on the radio. Listeners could call in to invite me over - a nice change - I thought. 

I got a place to stay with a lady in the south of London, for which I had to hitchhike along the great ring road going all around London (where 9 million people live!). But it didn't go that easy. Bambam had made a huge sign with Letmestayforaday written on it and gave along two cases of sodas. 

Whoever would give me a ride, got a free drink (sponsored of course) and had to call the radio station for an update. 

However, every driver had to drop me off after 10 minutes. In ended up that I spend time in over 20 cars before I arrived at my destination at the end of the day. 

Photography by Sandra LONDON
sTAY tUNED for Part 3B, with advice from Ramon Stoppelenburg for Wander Lusters,
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