Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tales of a Dime Traveller, Part 3B: The Final Word with Ramon Stoppelenburg


10) What advice would you give others who would love to do even a fraction of what you have done in your around-the-world expedition?

Any tips for raising money/donations/ increasing fan base/supporters?

As I wrote before, the internet wasn't really social as it is now. Nowadays who wants to travel for free (well, I guess that's been done, so you'll have a hard time copying my exact venture and get the similar media exposure world wide), you can sign up with, which is a world-wide network of hospitality exchange. 

Meaning, that if you plan everything good and have a good online profile on that site, you can basically stay everywhere in the world for free.  

Just do some dishes, treat your hosts on a self-made meal and pay for your travel expenses. And that is one of the greatest things you can do at the moment

11) Please share any future plans that you may not have mentioned on your sites for new ventures, whether it be in traveling, photography, web design, promotions, etc....

After moving to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where I continued to be the online tour operator for Expedition Kilimanjaro and various safari options in Tanzania, life became way more fun. 

I ended up taking over the local movie house where the many (!) expats flock to if they wish to escape their daily work in the sometimes hectic city, which I transformed into a community movie house that does not show only movies on its 16 feet wide screen in the air-conditioned movie room, but also offers yoga lessons in the morning and will offer Khmer and English language classes in the afternoon. 

And the best thing, I live in the apartment below. I never would have guessed that I would ever live in a house that would have a bar and a cinema in it, that I would run, just for the big fun of it. 

The future? I have set up the European Cooking Trip (, which is scheduled to start off in Summer 2012. 

It's a cooking trip for those who desperately want to see a lot of Europe and get a taste of the local cuisine and learn to prepare things yourself: a 21-day trip through 7 European countries with one cooking class per country. Which North American doesn't want to experience Europe that way, right? 

And next is the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek. There are many companies that already offer such trips, but they are very non-transparant and would hardly give you a good price. 

You always have to ask for a quote, which is different if you travel on your own or with 10 people and depends on which season too. 

With Expedition Kilimanjaro people love the fact that the entire website is very informative about anything you can expect when you wish to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and I give one fixed price. 

"Finally!", lots of people said. 

But I do want to stay in Southeast Asia. 

I love the climated, the fresh tropical fruits on every street corner, the friendly people everywhere and the fact that live isn't that expensive (yet) as where I came from. 

The more expensive your home country is, the harder you have to work to get all the money together to live the life you wish to live. 

That's called making a living, I decided to create a life instead. 

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and being happy about the things are going to do that day. 

I made that my goal a long time ago and have proven that basically anybody can do that. 

You only have to want it. 

And, of course, take the first step...

Enjoy, Sandra!


                                                             THE END


Thank you so very much, Ramon, for being my first male (and first 'mainstreamer') to grace my site with your presence. 

I am forever in awe and sheer reverence of your lofty adventures. 

I envy you like crazy. Imagine ME, a GAL, and, like, a horny one....attempting the very same thing. 

I can see it now: I'd get plenty of invites, sure, but I would also have 1.5 children I wouldn't be able to inform as to their origin. 

I suppose they'd be "Children of the World" or some such....heh heh....heh...

Anyways, enough of my being crude and vulgar-ish....(sooo uncouth) 

Ramon, you're amazing, awesome, and experienced. 

This is exactly what I like and of which I want more on this here site.

And who better to top it off than you? 

Another of my many dreams realized and I am forever grateful....

Mainstream or Adult, if there are any other menfolk not on my radar at present, won't you all please feel free to tell me why you're so worthy to be interviewed on my site?  

You just may find yourself here as well. 

Being all doted upon and smothered in yummy goodness.=)

A zillion Thank-Yous and an open invitation to a warm meal or three and a hot cot if you ever find yourself in Southern California, Sir Ramon. 

I bow to thee,

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