Thursday, September 22, 2011

London Does PRAGUE 2.0: There Will Be Euros ;)

CESKA REPUBLIKA 2011/MARLBORO for 85CZKs-photo'd by Sandra LONDON
Dobre Rano, Chick-A-Dees,

It's your virtual nudie nympho wishing you a good morning because it IS still morning at this very moment in the Czech Republic, UK, US, and like, some other places, too.

So, as promised, I made a vlog (and suuuper early this morning, mind you!), but ...

Well, I may want to redo it. =(

Only because I initially planned to use my usually trusty, dependable Logitech, but it had an attitude this morning and just wouldn't act right. 

So, while I was still all primed to post up on cam, I just used my built-in one. 

And that baby ran the whole fifteen minutes of my schpiel, "quality" be damned!

Um, maybe I should just show you, so you can see what I mean? 

Hmm...What say ye? 

But, before I do (or don't!), there was a cool accidental filming which was captured immediately after the original video wrap-up of Wednesday's seminar festivities and roll-calling.

Or, cool to me, anyways, because it was just me and luckily not snorting, guffawing, cursing the heavens, nor doing some big cringeworthy thing that might've resulted in the demise of such an awkwardly candid clip.

You know what? I'll show you THAT.
A whole bunch of nothin' never looked so sexy, huh?

And, err, um...I have a damn near bouquet of prose to lay before you, but I'm gonna make that a separate post so you can rest your winning eyes, my sexy ones!!!

Love to Love Ya,
P.S.: My seminar, Monetizing Authenticity, starts at 5pm at Hotel Praha in Banquet Rooms A&B...A AND B...Because I like to there if you dare;)

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