Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Special: Get Your Movable Feast With Ladies Who Lunch ;)

The GIRL FUN TRILOGY starring Lily Cade and Yours Truly is now available and officially on SALE . 

Get your Labor Day kickin' off to a nice sizzle with "Ladies Who Lunch" ;) 

The Luscious Pale, Busty Redhead, Authentic Lesbian Lily and Your Webmistress of Grind, The Try-Curious, ( the ME!) are featured in this: 

Hot, Steamy, Hump-Filled Grind Of A Fifty Minute Three-Part Series 

Get your digital copy TODAY for $30* via Skype** or email 

And you shall receive:

A bonus 'Sandra Solo' or 'Oral Intensive' (aka b/g/bdsm clip), your choice, absolutely FREE***.

To set your eyes upon this movable feast, just email me at imsandralondon at gmail dot com letting me know your Skype ID 


Let me know which email address you'd like for me to use to send an invoice.  

{And, ix nay on Pay Pal (No means no, yo! ;) )}

Bottoms UP:

*@AzzLikeThat and @IndyBear317 Twitter followers receive an additional 20% discount off the current sale price, dropping your purchase price to $25. Follow both and it drops to $20!!!

** The Girl Fun Trilogy can be sent via Skype file-share or by email, after you have submitted payment successfully. 

All completed sales are final, but full purchase amount will be reimbursed if The Girl Fun Trilogy is not successfully sent to recipient due to technical errors or failure to provide The Girl Fun Trilogy and bonus clip in a timely manner 
(Most clips are sent within 2 min-2hours from time of purchase, but please allow up to 36 hrs in the event that I get all tied up, lovingly, of course;) )

*** DON'T FORGET: Let me know which FREE bonus clip you'd prefer when establishing contact via email. 

Women At Work,
Sandra LONDON and Lily CADE

p.s.: This Sale ends on Monday, September 12th at 12:01am

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