Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Uploading: Daniel and The Third Leg

Hello, worker bees and webbies! 

I had a random wisp of inspiration and it is oh so random. Somehow, in the midst of watching The Lincoln Lawyer and Camp Hell into the early morning hours of Ta-Ta Tuesday, the idea for a new erotic short struck.

And so, I've got the skeleton somewhat aligned, as well as the majority of the dialogue. Now all I need to do is flesh out the corpus and post it here for your viewing pleasure. 

It's tentatively titled, "Daniel and The Third Leg" and features two dudes, Daniel and Chuck, and two dames, Blade and Sable

Some pert and perky nipple-age. Grinding. Grunting. Grinning. A gash or two.

Not to mention HOT purrfect pink.

Oh, and Blade and Sable are twins. 

What is this fascination I have with twins as of late? 

I dunno, but these two are doubly delightful and astonishingly unique, despite their genetics. 

The guys, Daniel aka "D-Man" and Chuck aka "The Chester" are in for a real treat!!!!


Stay Tuned,

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