Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Thoia-Thong Thursday

Dude! I heard this song on Sirius Radio in that Mercedes C300 I just got done test-driving for a few days. 

Looking at the title of the song (Sleepyhead) made me giggle enough as it is...but the song, in and of itself, is INCREDIBLE. 

Especially at full-blast. 

It also, consequently, accurately describes me at the present moment. 

I'm beyond being a sleepyhead. 

Are you all familiar with that quote, "I get to work late, but I make up for it by leaving early?" (I am unable to recall whose quote this is, but I can sooo see his face. The name is stuck on the very tip of my tongue. Don't you hate when that happens?)...... 

Well, I keep night-shift hours in my own home quite religiously, and my 'early' for leaving work means anywhere from 4-6am. 

Eh, unless I have one of those absolutely spontaneous charming early morning engagements/appts to attend to at the arse-crack of 8am-9am.

When in such a quandary, I am not always a happy camper. However, I make up for it by logging a good 10-12 hrs of make-up sleep. 

Or something or other.

Anyways, I am keeping hella busy, as per usual. But I am promising a super meaty post in the next few days and all that jazz. 

Plus, of course, more candid shots, sexy time, candid videos and the like.

Oh, but can I just tell you? 

I have had a very good discussion or three with a few very prominent Euro and/or international companies that are amazingly, wickedly adult-friendly tonight/this morning ( and in the past week or so).

I cannot wait to meet them in Prague!!!! 

I am beside myself with panties-p***ing excitement, almost (but not quite) in that Gerard Depardieu 'unlocking the floodgates on a plane' type of way. 

But, yeah. Not.

What it means for you, my dear readers, is, like, increased connectivity for you with people like 'me' and, well, others.....

We all like variety, do we not? 

Can I get a one-hand clap?


Anyways, enough of my gibberish for now. 

I found the hottest clip ever in my mailbox and I decided it was of the utmost importance that I share it with you!!! (Click her pic or her name to see the clip I'm referring to!)

That there blonde hottie up above is none other than Zuziana from Poland of Glamour Stars Live.

Catching winks,

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  1. A great big thank you to Jugga, for letting me know it was none other than Charles Lamb who is responsible for the "Arrive to work late but leave early" quote. Merci bien~~~Sandra LONDON


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