Saturday, August 6, 2011

SIR Whipman Cummings: ODE TO A NIPPLE

Ode to a Nipple
By SIR Whipman Cummings

O, little nubbin
First hint of her

I recall with a smile
Our first meeting
Her hinting

"You can bite them
A little."
I indulged.

Her - She's kissed
Beautiful topping
On chocolate bounty

Oh, the little joie
Stiffened, wrinkled
Little gasp

Ne'er pierced (!)
Yet pliant as I
Pinch, twist, pull!

O cusp, O pinnacle
Where pain escalates
To ecstacy

So vulnerable -
I apply the
Cruel clamps

The weight
Of the chain tugs, pulses
As I thrust

Electric nerves connect
Nipples to clit, cunt
Fire spreads



And NippleKiss melts achingly
In the soothing warmth
That lit first the fire.


Thank you, Master

sandra london

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