Monday, August 15, 2011

Sandra London and The Teddy Bear Quartet

OK, a quick blast from the past (dance vid) and then back to the future!
Guernica by PICASSO  Or, "Don't F*** With Me Fellas, This Ain't My First Time At The Rodeo"*

Were you awesome today? "Yes, Mommie". Yes, Mommie, what? "Yes, Mommie Dearest!!!"*

"Well, something good had to rub off!"*

"NO wire hangers. EVER!"*
Umm, yeah. 

That's how we communicate. 

Teddy bears are cheap sources of labor. 

And so friggin' CUUUUUTE! 

(They get it from their mama...;))

To watch me and my crew perform Daniel And The Third Leg in audio/video format, go here

* Quoted from the motion picture, Mommie Dearest (1981)

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