Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Your Own Time. On Someone Else's Dime!

Meet Ramon Stoppelenburg.

Do you all remember what I mentioned last Thursday or so? About my first male, mainstream being that was on the verge of being interviewed by none other than moi?

Yes, me!!! Sir Stoppelenburg is uber-inspirational. And very, very honest about his 'gimme' dream. 

What is "it" exactly that he wanted given, you may ask? Why,


This gem of a specimen was able to travel all over the world, sleeping in the homes of assorted others...without spending a dirty DIME! 

Freeloading or Free-Faring, he's genius. I landed on his website, Let Me Stay For A Day ,while perusing the web, in search of tips, flights, and fancy in regards to my impending trip to Praha.

And I got sucked in, in a major way. 

What's more, Ramon has a plethora of other talents to gift the world with. 

He is not only a professional 'one-nighter';), he is also a(n):



-Kilimanjaro Expedition Organizer

-Radio Host

-Commercial Model/Actor


-Travel Writer

-Newspaper Columnist

-Internet Marketing Expert 

ooooh, and.....

-Massage Therapist  (!!!!) Hook a kitty up ;)

World Traveller Visiting This Space SOON,

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