Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daniel and The Third Leg

"Wake the FUCK up!!!! D-Man.........Yooooo!!!"

"What the fuck?" Daniel grumbles.

It is somewhere around two in the morning and Daniel had only just made it to sleep. He is home alone and looking forward to welcoming a brand new day as a MAN. It is officially his eighteenth birthday. 

He had not anticipated any sort of rude awakening as he slipped into nice, peaceful slumber shortly after rubbing one out watching women's tennis on the sports channel.

He had been watching Katja, some young twenty-something Russian femme fatale, grunting, glistening, and working her hot little tail off as she volleyed back and forth during some otherwise faceless tennis match. Katja's shrieks, sighs, and wiggles were etched at least semi-permanently in the recesses of Daniel's wonderful playground he calls a brain.

And now this.

Daniel recognizes his best friend's voice immediately, but still is not quite sure why Chuck is knocking and yelling so violently outside of his window.

What time is it anyway? And what brand of shenanigans is Chuck up to now? And why do I always have to be the first to know?

"You need a fucking hobby, man! I just got to sleep. Can't you just come back tomorrow?" Dan croaks, barely audible over the loud rustling of feet, more than one set of feet, in fact, beneath his bedroom window.

"What? You don't even know, man...We're here to rescue you!!!"

"Say what? Rescue me from what?"

"From your own self! Now get up and throw on some clothes. I've got some friends here who want to meet the birthday boy." Chuck yells out, still not bothering to think of who might be over-hearing his booming voice in the dead of the night.

"Alright, man. Alright. But hold on....And who the fuck is "we"? Go to the front door like a normal human being, would you?" Dan retorts weakly, grabbing his sweats off of his dresser.

Dan heads to the front door of his parents' house, who were (luckily) away for most of the weekend. Supposedly, anyways. He wasn't so sure they wouldn't 'surprise' him with an early arrival of their own. As he throws open the door, he sees Chuck aka The Chester with two very attractive ladies in tow.

"Ohhh.....THIS is what you meant by "we"," Dan says slowly, suddenly feeling very embarassed in his holey sweats, which had surely seen better days, and his bare chest, which had only recently begun to differentiate him from that of a pre-pubescent.

"Uhhh....Hi" he begins again.

"Aloha", says the tan, leggy brunette as she glides past him and into the foyer.

"Don't be rude. Let these ladies come in...and quickly! It's cold. As you can see, they don't have all that much on, bro," Chuck grins as he punches Dan playfully in the shoulder.

The blonde enters just behind Chuck and offers a shy smile at Dan. "Happy Birthday, Danny...," she says, in a voice barely above a whisper.

Dan, Chuck, and the two mystery ladies head upstairs to Dan's room silently as he leads the way. This is awkward, he muses silently, as he wonders how he might shield any spontaneous display of arousal, incited by these potent creatures of the night. He curses the fact that his sweats are so painfully thin.

"It's pretty late and you didn't even tell me you were just gonna show up at my door all unannounced and shit. I'm not really in the mood to drive right now. I already put my new Z4 away in the garage. And we are NOT going in your busted-ass car, " Dan rants, mumbling in Chuck's direction. 

He continues on, flustered, " The party is later on TONIGHT! Remember? Not now. Hence, the house being so quiet, dumbass! And my girl isn't even back in town yet..." Dan trails off, not wanting to provide too much detail about Christine, his childhood sweetheart, who he was not all that sure about these days.

"Whatever, dude. Fuck her. Do you really care about Christine? Really? It's your birthday and where is she? And how can you even be sure? You believe everything that bitch tells you?"

"Hey, hey, hey. Cool it, boys....I don't want YOU calling ANY girl a bitch in my presence, Chuck. What did I tell you about that, mister?" the brunette says evenly, scowling prettily at Chuck.

"Look, doll, " she continues, turning her attention to Dan, "if you don't wanna go out, that's cool. I totally thought he had warned you in advance. I should've known better. But, no bother--- Chuck, I need your car keys for a minute."

"Wait. For what?", Chuck grimaces

"Well, if he doesn't want to go out, we'll just have to bring the party to HIM."

"There's more of you?" Dan exclaims, his eyes lighting up.

Now that they are all standing around in the light in his bedroom, he can see the two babes much more clearly.

They were HOT!

The brunette, the 'saucy' one, is all over-exposed with tight acid-washed jeans that look painted on. Her white, lace halter top barely covers her full, heaving breasts.

The blonde is slightly more demure, but her tight red sweater dress hugs her tiny, curvy frame and hints at the little perky pillows beneath.

No bra between the two of 'em.


Christine, who?

The sound of the brunette's raspy voice instantly brings Dan back down enough in his pants to avoid causing a scene. Barely.

" Um, not exactly," she purrs seductively," Maybe "less of us" would be more appropriate to say. We'll be right back, gentlemen. Have some guy time," the buxom brunette says slyly, grinning like a cheshire cat. 

The "mother hen" brunette grabs the blonde's arm and they saunter out of the room together slowly.

The blonde looks back before fully exiting the room.

"You're a hottie," she says coyly, again in a breathy, whispered tone, as she scampers off.

There is a moment of silence.

Dan looks at Chuck with a curious, questioning look. "Um, yeah," he says after a beat.

"Fuck, yeah!" Chuck boasts.

"Alright. What's the deal? I don't know how you were able to rally up some chicks like THAT. I'm impressed. You should've told me you were gonna surprise me like this. You're just trying to make me look like a schmuck, huh?" Dan chides.

"My bad! No, I'm not, actually," Chuck winks, "You know you can't stay mad, anyways. I think you'll like Sable plenty. Matter of fact, I'm sure of it."

"Alright, first things first," Dan says, while regaining his composure, "Who's who? You never introduced me, Einstein."

"Well, the bossy brunette with the rockin' knockers is Blade. That's my new girlfriend," Chuck boasts proudly.

"Ppsssshhhh.....Since when?"

"Since I met her, like, I dunno, two or three weekends ago..... At her club."

"Her club?" Dan squints, " Oh, mean like the YMCA or some shit?" Dan jokes.

"Smart ass!"

"And the other one?" Dan asks, mentally crossing 'Les Jugs' off of his big tit wishlist.

"Wait. You didn't.....? They're twins, man. Couldn't you tell?" Chuck says, furrowing his brow.

"Bull. Shit!" Dan exclaims incredulously.

"Why bullshit? You've never heard of hair dye, a boob job, and 6 inch heels?"

"Huh. Well, maybe I didn't look closely enough," Dan mutters. "Does Sable work in this same, uh, establishment? How old are they anyway? They can't be from Lincoln," Dan concludes aloud, referring to his high school graduating class from Lincoln Prep.

"Ha ha," Chuck snorts, "They're grown and sexy. What's it matter to you?" He pauses, " Twenty-two."

"Knock, knock!!!" Blade says cheerfully, as she bursts through the door with her laptop under her arm and a LOT less clothing.

Blade has returned in a major way, decked out in black leather chaps. A teeny black thong that just sort of ...disappears into the crease of her tight, round ass. Silver tassles hang off of her enormous tits, attached precariously with decidedly strong...Duct tape? Who knows. 

Her hair is blown out, Texas-style, and a lot more wild and mussed up than before. And she smells of heaven.

Sable peers into the room, blushing visibly and hiding her little spinner frame behind the door frame.

"Don't be shy, sis!" Blade hisses. "Come in, already!!! We need to put these boys to bed!!!"

Sable clears her throat and walks into view slowly. She is dressed head to toe in the same get-up as her sister, but in red. She has also added wings to her shoulders.

Nice touch. 

The silver tassles on her small, perky breasts hang teasingly as they flitter about along her taut midriff.

Her legs are sinewy and strong, with a well-defined but sleek curve to her calves. Sable's blue eyes flash innocently, but provocatively at the same time, as she looks up shyly at Dan's six-foot frame.

"Have a seat, Birthday Dan," Sable stammers, her breath quickening as she stares down fixedly at Dan's sweats.

"Whatever you say, gorgeous," Dan grunts, trying in vain to arrange himself and lessen the intensity of his throbbing ego.

Sable approaches his lap and turns facing away from him. The delicious heat from her pussy and ass causes Dan to clasp his fingers around the arms of his sofa chair, holding back the urge to press his lips anywhere she just might let him.

Dan silently mouths, "Thank you!" to his compadre, Chuck "The Chester" and makes a mental note to somehow return the favor. This is quite possibly the best gift ever. Well, aside from the Z4 from his grandparents. Sorta.

Dan's eyes return to focus once again on the sweetest peach he ever did see. Chuck dims the lights. Blade starts up a sexy Dubstep playlist on her Ipad.

Sable whips back around to face Dan, leaning in and pressing her lips against his ear. She widens her stance and then, in one sweeping motion, straddles his clothed cock expertly. At just the right and most infuriating angle.

Her heat. His heat. Electric.

Now where did that shy little angel go? Dan grins wryly.

Sable cradles Dan's neck in the crook of her arms. Her lips graze his ear. Her breath tickles the tiny hairs on his sideburns.

"Easy, now, young man!" Sable coos, flashing her mischievous eyes at Dan as he grows more and more aroused.  

She returns to his neck, rustling his hair gently with her fingertips. Shielding her face from the other couple, she hums softly along with the music as she tightens herself more securely around his waist.

Without warning, Sable lifts herself up just above his lap, locking eyes with him as she stares down at her willing prey. 

Smiling wickedly, Sable forces Dan's eager face down towards her belly button. "I didn't know you had a third leg!" she moans, "Shall I continue?" 

Christine, who?

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