Friday, July 15, 2011

The Weekend Girl: Happy TGIF

Check out my latest work-in-progress dance clip below:

I shot the video above on Wednesday, July 13th locally here in So Cal. I "re-imagined" it with the help of Windows Live Movie whatchamacallit and I'm digging the animated effect.

The only CATCH is that there is no sound (sshhh, I know, I know. You gotta put the thing into the thing....). 

The clip was filmed on a different camera,  a Sony, that saved the clip as an MTS file.

I still need to read and tinker with how to successfully restore the sound to the video, while also keeping it in its current converted WMV format. It's on the way, but here's your sneak peek, voyeurs!

Uhh...ok, enough of that.

Last night's FootNight party was a LOT of fun. I had a great time meeting Steve,  the owner of FootNight in person, as well as Miss Crash, Ray, the foot lovers and a few very fine femme fatales with oh-so-purty feet!

Thank you all for being so awesome, considerate, and seriously going the extra mile for me. I appreciate everything you have done and we've only just become acquainted!!!!

I tip my toes to you, my sweets;)

Lastly, lemme rewind a bit and just mention that if I am unable to restore the original music that went with my dance above, I will be setting it to a new, as-yet- undecided soundtrack. Song suggestions are welcome!

One great community I recently joined just may have a track amongst the musical talent within the site which would fit perfectly.

That site is Naked Girls Radio and I believe this is also the beginning of another amazing new friendship en masse!!!

Thanks again to everyone who has exemplified such good will, character, and connectedness.

You are all so full of win that I am beside myself, truly;)


Did I just make that a wrap-around compliment that included pats on the bum to us all?

Why, yes.

Yes, I did!

Feeling Footloose,
Sandra London

p.s.: Foot Night is trotting next week, Thursday. July 21st to Portland, Oregon! Check it out, Pacific Northwesterners!!!

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