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On Chloroform and Circumstance

Disclaimer: This is a looong post and is my opinion and my opinion only, with supporting background info that is cited at the end.


I've become an avid follower of the Casey Anthony Trial since the trial began. I have stayed up even later than my usual night owl hours lately to catch the first hour or so of each session, until the sandman takes over.

I find Judge Perry to be something of a judicial genius and he amuses me, admittedly inappropriately, with his kissy faces and random Ebonics-speak interlaced with legal vernacular. 

But Your Honor is TOTALLY on it, and he has added immeasurably to the soap opera (circus) that be the latest IT trial of the decade. 

Oh, and "I.T.", it most definitely is! The latest reveal of computer data was a real slam dunk for the prosecution. And I can only sit and jock the heck out of Jeff Ashton, the lead prosecutor.

It was a bit sad to watch Cindy Anthony absolutely obliterate what bit of credibility she had enjoyed on the stand throughout this five or six weeks of Chloro-mania. Truly. 

When the prosecution produced the computer records, signed, sealed, and DELIVERANCED ;) from her job at the hospital, thus negating and exposing her own perjured statements claiming ownership of those fateful searches......

Well, that was absolutely priceless. Still sad. 

But the writing was totally on the wall (or power-point) for all to see.

Truth hurts!

And, so....what of her kin? Casey?

Well, the tree must hang mighty low from where those apples must tumble and fall.

Initially, I wanted to write Casey off as simply an amoral party demon who just may have made an oopsie and freaked the heck out. 

Um, yeah, no.

After poring over the pages and pages of public documents, public profiles, testimony, science-y schtuff and so on and so forth...

A portrait of a willful, impulsive, vindictive killer quickly began to gain much more credence in my mind's eye.

You see, Mama Anthony works in the medical field. And, even Casey, who was too hot for high school, would have caught a whiff of random acts of pharma.

Why, even the defense took heed of this, by pushing forth the idea of swimming pools, and the chlorine therein, to attempt to explain the presence of toxic nasties like chloroform and the like. 

Way to go through the back door, with indirect misdirection. 

Nice try.

The toxic effects of chlorine by-products ARE greater in younger swimmers than older. 

However, a resulting fatality of such is MUCH easier to determine when dealt with swiftly, like with immediate calls for help, an angry grandma be damned. 

Tragic mistakes CAN happen, but I don't see it in this case. 

Not after awfully coincidental, troubling searches leading up to:

- long trips 'out of town', <but not really>
- fantasy nannies 
-interesting phone records
-abandoned, rancid vehicles

and well, pretty much everything that transpired post-haze.

Chloroform was once used as a popular anesthetic, waay back when (and during childbirth, even *shudders). But, then, science and good sense evolved and its status has become relegated these days largely to evil potions employed by criminals to 'knock out, subdue, or even murder their victims.'

So, with no direct eye-witnesses other than the devil herself, we are left with evidence which is predominantly circumstantial. 

But we have that in spades!

A lot of people are fooled by the term "circumstantial", as if that makes it somehow less meaningful or less useful for conviction than direct evidence.

Yet, what is not always understood is the fact that, guess what....? 

In addition to phone calls, taped prison conversation, letters, stickers =(, the smell of death, etc....

Let us not forget that

-Blood Analysis
-A GUN with fingerprints
-Video Surveillance

are all only circumstantial unless there were witnesses present when a crime was committed. 

As well as the expert witnesses who show up to connect the dots (again, circumstantial).

All of the aforementioned types of evidence, however, may point strongly to a certain conclusion in a given case. 

Thus, a preponderance of circumstantial evidence becomes "corroborating" evidence. 

And, remember, people like Timothy McVeigh and Scott Peterson were convicted by an accumulation of circumstance alone.

Basically, circumstantial evidence is used in criminal courts to establish guilt or innocence through reasoning.

And Casey Anthony makes absolutely no sense.

Rest in Peace, Caylee

p.s.: No picture seems appropriate to put with this post. My apologies.

"KnockOut and Chloroform" The Philadelphia Record (Timeline of that infamous 31 days)

Post-Verdict Sound-OFF (tweeted 07/05/2011)
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