Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Blues'es Child: An Amy Winehouse Tribute

-The YouTube video above was one of the first recorded a capella performances I had ever viewed of Amy Winehouse, who performs the song, "Valerie". It is also one of my favorites!!! 

The poem below was what I read this morning when thumbing through Selected Poems of Langston Hughes, while waiting for some form of "inspiration" to kick in to guide today's blog post.  

Bless the fans, friends, and family of Amy Winehouse, a fallen star and rising angel (my opinion only).

-A poem by Langston Hughes

"If the blues would let me,
Lord knows I would smile.
If the blues would let me,
I would smile, smile, smile.
Instead of that I'm cryin'-

You were my moon up in the sky,
At night my wishing star.
I love you, oh, I love you so-
But you have gone so far!

Now my days are lonely,
And night-time drives me wild.
In my heart I'm crying,
I'm just Miss Blues'es child!"

--From Selected Poems of Langston HUGHES, Vintage Classics

~Rest in Peace, Amy Jade Winehouse~

-Sandra LONDON

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