Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Didn't Fall For You, You Tripped Me!!!=)

Eau, Niagara, Ca tombe! Or, Niagara is Falling (originally published August 16, 2007)

Notes: Today, the first news headline I saw when I logged online was about the impending Toronto Film Festival. It instantly inspired me to insert yet another Sandra London Flashback, this time about my own visit to the almighty TO. Hope you all enjoy my "trip" down memory lane.

Saturday, August 11th, 2007 was the last sign up deadline for orientation for the Toronto International Film Festival. 

I arrived at Pearson Airport, Mississauga, Canada outside of Toronto at 6am Friday morning after my USAir/AmericaWest flight went horribly awry. 

Luckily, I was able to confirm a booking on a direct AirCanada flight at 10pm Friday night. 

What a nightmare it was to arrive at LAX (and this was prior to that infamous international flight delay meltdown which stranded more than 17,000 passengers, mind you, by, like a day or two)....

I was the first (!!!!)) in pure Aries fashion.

What started out as a 930am flight arriving in TO by 7pm turned into an 11hr delay.

But, I digress. 

I stumbled about bleary-eyed through the terminal looking for the Pacific bus to take me downtown to my summer residence, Neill Wycik.  

Mistakenly, I go up a floor and, as Im about to ask a guy and girl if this was the designated bus stop pick-up zone, I nearly flipped over the sidewalk as my flip flops..flopped upside down and nearly splayed me on the pavement!


Thinly hiding their amusement, they informed me I needed to go back downstairs.  

So I ask the transport desk where to go, park myself at terminal 3 and along comes a friendly New Zealander..

(Im such a pro at accents, he was amazed that I could pinpoint the land from which he was spawned at "Hello"!). 

The bus arrived about 5 or so minutes late and off we headed. 

The Neill Wycik summer residence is normally a dormitory for college students. However, this was August, so they were en vacances. 

For the most part.  

My room on their 17th floor was small and sparsely furnished with no air conditioning but it had its charm. 

I had a pretty clear view of downtown Toronto and all the plugs were compatible with US-compatible plugs...

What more can one need?  

The top floor had a balcony which provided a nearly unobstructed view of the sprawling metropolis and despite the no smoking, no alcohol signs ...well, this WAS a college dorm! 

My first day was a bit of a blur. 

After checking in, I cashed in on the breakfast (included in the price) and drifted to sleep in my barracks (*grins).  

I woke up about 6pm or so and decided to go out in search of foodstuffs.  

Yonge Street (pronounced like Young) is the major city strip and there were plenty of restaurants, pizza shops, adult stores, and malls to feel just like home...

But a cleaner, safer, friendlier, more..... boring home....or so I thought initially. 

 I kept trying to figure it out. 

"Whats missing here?" 

"Where are all the puppies? " 
"Were they bored to sleep?" lol...
However, I would learn over the course of my long weekend that TO is in fact a very interesting city with plenty going on..it just takes more than a minute to uncover. 

I mean, it's not like New York where 'joy' is spit right in your face...

No, you've got to coax it out....coddle it a bit..and then it comes to you.....as such....


Happy Viewing,

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