Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hangin' On By A Thread

Above lies an absolutely fascinating promo video of Fetish Artist Miss Crash. And, what's more, I've even "hung" out with her for a few minutes, although not in "that way";)

I'd advise you all to keep on hangin' on as well, as it is almost Friday.

"Friday, Friday......blah blah blah....blllpppffftttsssssaaaaghhhhzomg"

Oh, and just wait until you see what I've got in store for tomorrow's post.

Even more fun with gals...Another tete-a-tete with a brilliant, ballsy chica.

Meanwhile, later on tonight, I'll be toiling away at all that the web has to offer.
"Newspapers are just papery blogs"-Craig Ferguson =)
I've stumbled across even more amazing finds to share with you all, and I just need a wee bit more time to piece it altogether oh-so-elegantly and maybe even eloquently.

I am sure it can be done. And so it shall.

"All with my two little fingers."-Sandra London

Happy Thursday,

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