Monday, July 11, 2011

Does Your Secretary Take Dictation?

Sandra London Archives Photo-Taken in 2004

This was my response to the question, "Did seeing strippers on TV and in movies as a teenager make you want to be a stripper when you grew up?"

"For the most part, as a teenager, I never thought of stripping as particularly glamorous or appealing simply because it never crossed my mind. 

This, despite the countless amount of movies I'd seen featuring bachelor party scenes and watching the random stripper interview on Howard Stern. 

It wasn't until I watched, of all movies, The Players Club, as I was nearing HS graduation that, as mediocre as it was as a film, it made me stop for a second and go, 

" Well, wow, she put up with quite a lot of b.s.! But in the end, she made the money she earned work for HER, to be able to do what she really wanted to do (which was broadcast journalism)." 

So I suppose, in that vein, that is when I began to consider dancing in a different and more specific context.

I did, however, always have a fascination with:

a) playing dress up, 

b)getting made-up (for pageants/beauty contests/miss _enter city here__________ girl/beautillion attending,

c) modeling/acting/dancing classes 

And I never tired of:

=> modeling all my clothes up and down the stairs in my house, 

=>watching myself in the mirrors which spanned every wall of the downstairs foyer, and

=>always trying to 'act' glamorous from the age of 6 or 7 years old onwards. (Beauty pageant alum, here!)

One thing I remember which always makes me laugh is when I was very young and watching a movie with my parents one night:

A fully glamorous woman was gliding seductively down some 'grand boulevard', probably somewhere in New York. 

She had a full-length, black mink coat, diamonds, rubies, long, flowing hair, and was absolutely beautiful to me. 

I looked at my parents and said, with all the naivete and earnest of youth, 

" I wanna look like HER when I grow up" and my mom looked at me and laughed. 

I looked back, confused, and my mom paused for a moment and then frowned, muttering "She's a call girl." 

I furrowed my brow curiously and asked, "A secretary? What's wrong with that?" 

My parents roared with laughter and changed the subject." =)

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So, per my query, "Does YOUR secretary take dictation? And does she take it like THIS?" A YouTube clip from the movie, The Secretary

* A Sandra London flashback, originally written Oct 30, 2010 on

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