Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Carmageddon To Remember

Oooh, I soo did not want to even address "Carmageddon" here in Los Angeles. I thought I was so above it. 

'Fraid not. 

Surprisingly, the freeway workers finished their 405 stint earlyIsn't that weird? 

We Los Angelenos were so positively inundated with fear-mongering in the news of just how truly awful Carmageddon was most assuredly going to turn out. 

Eh, not so much, for most of SoCal. We did have a helluva Full Moon, though!!!

But, anyways, you know what I DO want to go on about? 

Let's see....first things first, check out the awesome re-imagining of my leather corset picture below. 

Do you all remember when it was yellow in the original jpeg? If not, click on my "FREEdom" page for reference. Well, the powers that be {aka web designer(s)} were able to make that yellow a LOT more pink.

BAM! You've been PINKED!!!

Oooh, what else? Uhhh...I am a die-hard fan of BMWs. Especially Z4s, be still me heart...and,like, sooo....
Hot Wheels for a Warm Wilma;)

I only need to rummage around for, like, a spare $XX,000 in pocket lint sometime soon to make my dream car a living fairy tale. 

How am I doing so far, you ask? 

Well, I just started counting my pennies about two hours ago....

And...I'm still counting....

Alas, I'll let y'all know in the next few weeks what my piglet jar amounts to by way of a photo of ME standing next to THIS car or its facsimile. =)

Or, I'll just say no more.... Indefinitely!!!! 

Come ye, babes, and pray for me now. 
Pssst....Bow your head.......(jk;) ).

I do have a few other updates, but I am too busy drooling over the vehicle above to compose much more than this. 
However, if anyone out there in SoCal is selling a tasty Trans-Am, a cool Camaro, or a classic and magical Mustang....(and preferably a convertible).
Or maybe you just want some sexy chica to take some hot wheels off your hands post-haste....{tee hee} 

Some nerve!!! I know, right? But you never know until you ask, einh?..... Yeah, let's talk! 

Private Auto Sellers, you can leave me a brief comment below this post with your email address to where I may respond to your sales offer.*

I heart Beamers,
*I am leery of spam, so I will not respond to any initial car offers sent directly to my email address. Please just leave a brief comment if you'd like to begin a dialogue via email. 

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