Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sexy, Sunny Sandra London Sunday

L.A. Blondine Part Deux

                                "It is better to be looked over than overlooked."-Mae West

I sifted through dozens of "ohmygolly, what the ???" songs on YouTube's audio-swap catalogue to find the first kick-arse song I could.

It just so happens to be "The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen. With a band name and rockin' song title like that, how could it NOT be full of win?

First I've ever heard of this group, but I quite like them! How about you?

Oh, and the photos in the photo gallery video were shot by French photographer, Isabelle Rouen almost one year ago to the day. She was amazing to work with and it was one of my favorite photo shoots ever!

I'm giving an ode to all the blondies because I'm thinking of lightening up a bit, even if only for the summer.

Perhaps not QUITE as, um, bright...but then again, maybe?!?!

Comments or suggestions are welcome...I'm just not ready to use the Asian jet-blue-black rinse I bought a few months back. Not yet, anyways!

Brownish blonde with some hints of auburn, einh?

Or does that sound like a big ball of FAIL? See how critical this decision is, y'all? This keeps me awake at night

OK, TONIGHT it damn sure is! Hmmm....Decision, decisions...

I suppose we shall see within the next day or three which way the dye turns....


A figment of *artificial intelligence,

*Inside joke about brunettes who go blonde. Oh, cringe!!! Had to do it. Me sorry!!! And I promise, promise, promise I'm totally kidding.

p.s.: I cannot remember whether I had more fun, though, being blonde last year. But I think boys did. Or thought "I" was. Or....

You know what? That's enough for today!

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Love that song and great vid!

  2. Thank you, Ben! Part 1 is on my YouTube channel,


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