Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Sexy, Saucy Sunday

A Sexy, Saucy Sunday
Sandra London January 2011

"The cyberutopians told us the Web would flatten artificial hierarchies, tear down the wall between experts and the rest of us, unchain at last the genius that lurked in the common man. And it did. They couldn't have known that his name would be hotwad69."- Andrew Ferguson*

Ahhh.....Bloody Sunday!

Just a few quick updates to share with you.

I have begun the laborious task of restoring my archived To Live and Grind in L.A.'s posts from December 2010-April 2011 before the jump. It is now viewable at:

You may have noticed that the Archives and Featured WEBstars page has disappeared from this site. 

Well, you will be able to find those on the Live and Grind Archives, if not now, soon-ish!

All new posts will continue to be published here. 

I may move over more posts to the Live and Grind Archives every 3-6 months from here on out. 

Sound good? 

OK, 'den!


Yep! I will be hosting another Camming seminar yet again! This time in the Windy City. 

I am definitely looking forward to that! 

Exxxotica Los Angeles in August is also a 'go', and maybe, just maybe New Jersey's expo will be another  'go' as well. 

We shall see!

Excuse me while I give major props to Virgin America airlines for having the sweetest deal ever! I love getting the hook-up! Yay!!!! 

Seriously, this is my favorite airline ever, as well as their Virgin Atlantic airline for international flights. 

I could go on for days, but I won't. 

Flying is boring as all get out, but Virgin makes it so much less so. I heart Virgin!

OK....Also, last few trinkets:

1) I will post a Live Cam/Live Chat schedule on this here site very, very soon. I'm just finalizing the 'big picture' as far as what goes where, when, how and why with a myriad of projects I've been slaving over.  

I'm nearly finished and can get back to more free time for hot, interactive action with the horny horde of humans who have been wondering when they could "live it up" with me next! 

I am, and always will be, available as an indie cammer and have been devoting my free time to this genre in large part lately, via Skype and Yahoo. 

However, rest assured, I will post my schedule for indie AND commercial cam sites.

A few of you have asked for MSN Live Chat, so I promise to add yet ANOTHER ;) screen name compatible with MSN/Hotmail. 

Umm...and then I'll look at Trillian or one of those types of deals to be able to merge all of them together, perhaps. 

See...? This is the thought process that makes me pause a bit, because things always take a bit longer to do if you want to "make sure" you optimize them as well as can be. 

AND if you're somewhat anal, like me, about reading the fine print. 

Bitten a few times, so I had to grow teeth.;)

2) I'm working on an e-book (groan!) or two and a naughty calendar. 

Initially projected to be released in September, I'm thinking the e-books may or may not hit that deadline.  

If not, they will all be released with the calendar around Christmas time. 

So, when some of you get frustrated with me for being 'distracted', please believe that I am doing the absolute best I can to juggle any number of 99 things at once! 

I put the pressure on my own self, but it keeps me busy, energized, and creative...

Suprisingly, I get a LOT more done this way. But, yes, it might piss you off if you are left waiting in the meanwhile. 

I AM sorry. And I WILL take a break (or a few)..just as sooooooon as I finish five more things! ;) 

No, really, I'll get 'er done and then it's all about you...I swear!

3) Oh, and, lastly... Well, I'll wait until I get the final green light, but if I get this one particular gig, I will have felt like I have truly arrived. 

And if I don't?  Well, as Scarlett O'Hara would say, "I'll think about that tomorrow....."

Please hold,

P.S.: Master Dubya, you are almighty,brilliant, awe-inspiring, and magical. Thank you so damn much! What was that again? "Leap, and the net shall appear?" or "Leap, and ......."Oh, fuuuuuuck!""

*The quotation at the top of today's post is excerpted from the November 2010 ForbesLife Travel Issue (magazine print) in an article entitled "You Don't Say" by Andrew Ferguson

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