Monday, June 6, 2011

How the Floating World Meets Dry Land

Someone asked the question, " How do you apply the skills of a dancer to your life outside of stripping?

This was my answer:

I'd say the hard-won 'gift' of knowing you can make something out of nothing is the most valuable skill I've learned from dancing which is applicable to other areas of my life.

I've always been a go-getter academically and used to rely more heavily upon my intellectual confidence in:

=> securing new degrees/
=> getting into top schools
=> wowing strangers at the dinner table, etc..

But dancing taught me how to go BEYOND that and not to rest on my laurels.

You can be brainy and broke if you don't tap into your other natural 'human' talents.

You really get that hearty dose of gumption and conviction in your eyes that you can move about in a room of only ____sq ft and go home with

a) no money (or owing) or

b) making what would equate to a 9-5ers weekly or even monthly salary in the space of a night.

In the 'daylight' world, I know that this experience has helped me to push past any blinders or obstacles when tackling a new venture, or when trying to work my way out of what seems like a sticky situation or series of roadblocks.

You start to think fast on your feet, look for loopholes, brainstorm out loud, and just plain know that there IS an answer or a solution to what may initially seem daunting.

You know that you CAN make a way to do what you want to do somehow..if not during your first attempt, you still get that fire in you that you've seen it done.

And you feel less burdened when things don't go right at first because you've seen shitty situations turn to gold-mines within:

months, weeks, seasons, hours, minutes, and well as the reverse.

So, you get both the stiff upper lip AND the unbridled whimsy all-in-one.

You brace tightly for the rollercoaster that is life (ok, that prob sounds corny, but yeah)....

You are not afraid to push through the darkest hours, the rejections, the changes of fortune, etc...

Dancing is definitely not the only job that can help you utilize these sorts of skills in other areas of life. 

However, it is definitely one of the surefire ways to learn just how strong and steely you can truly be when you see opportunity before you.

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