Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello, My Name is Dr. Green Peace ;)

"Hello, my name is Dr. Green Peace" or AmsterDAMN!
Happy Ta-Ta Tuesday, My Sweets!
Here lies another Sandra London FLASHBACK, coupled with cleavage. Enjoy the rewind. I'm watching the Anthony trial right now, yo! 


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I just remembered that, sometimes, I am very, very...je ne sais quoi.

I wanted to go ahead and write about my trip to Amsterdam with the stunning DENVER. 


Because it's 3am.

And there is no time like the present. 

To talk about the past. 


So anyways, I think we went in...February.....?


"Alors, I arrive in "green"land at about 8am on a cold, blustery, wintry morning at the train station looking around earnestly for my pal. 

After about thirty minutes (and five euros), I realize he is nowhere to be found. 

Not to mention the fact that Dutch cards do not work well on my French cell (read: not at ALL!)  

It is a bit of mental gymnos, but I vaguely remember the name of the hostel he had previously mentioned booking. 

I'm trekking around, inadequately dressed as usual. 
A re-creation of that dear, dear sweater (SL pic shot Nov 2010)

I mean, my scant 'escruse' for a sweater is just not enough when one is battling the kind of elements which threaten to cling to one's nipples into perpetuity. 
For Illustrative Purposes Only ;) (SL pic shot Nov 2010)

But I digress. 

After stepping into a rasta cafe for a look-see and to ask for directions, I finally end up making my way up four flights of stairs in the Global____ hostel and into a room filled with ten bunk beds. 

Woot! ANIMAL HOUSE, truly!!! Umm....yeah...

I look around. 

Not a peep is heard, not even a mouse (thank gawd). 

I put my stuff down, trying to use the sheets on 'my' bed as a shield from having my things spoken for.

I sit still for a moment.  

The faint sound of sheets rustling just before me instantly causes me to gasp. 

I can see that there is a slight curve to the covers on the bunk bed, just a few feet away, suggesting a body cocooning within. 


I run over and shake the shape-shifter, hoping it is indeed DENVER and not some random to whom I'm unknowingly committing myself.

"Oh, hey! Sandra! Whats going on? What time is it?" he jumps up."Glad you could make it. How was the train ride?"

"It was great, " I shiver," but now it's cooooold!!!"

"I can see why you are under those covers. " I say, clutching my arms to my chest.

"I just got back, umm, a little while ago." he grumbles, rubbing the memory of last night from his eyes," I partied with the hottest biker dudes EVAR."

"Damn.....For serious?" I giggle," Well, let's go have some beer and head down to get, umm, coffee," I grin, anxious to get the party started and more than mildly jealous of his jump start to the festivities.

"Sounds good to me!" he says as he gets up out of bed, fully dressed and fabulous.

(DENVER, you're my hero!)

Now if only I could remember the rest of that weekend!!!! 



AmsterDAMN has a funny way of doing that..."


In SESSION (shhh!)

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