Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stumbling on Truthiness

OK, I'm not a total mystic or anything.

But, sometimes those silly little cards, crystal balls, and all that jazz just so happens to resonate and strike a chord quite fervently.

When that happens, I can do no more than bow down in awe and reverence. now......

This little gem was in my email inbox shortly after midnight.  Couldn't have come at a more 'interesting' time. Just sayin.'

Here is your Daily Tarot Card for Thursday, June 30

"The Eight of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in space. I am true to myself and will only regret the chances I don't take to seek or follow my hearts desire. I turn away from or make a clean sweep of that which does not honor or sustain my passion and love, and in this, I am not afraid to be alone. I am empowered to move forward or make space and my gift is letting go."

I will just post that lil gem just as it is and say no more. No worries. 

I am feeling VERY good and am proud of my own admirably strong reservoir of common sense. 

Yep, you just caught me flirtin' with my own damn self! 

-And I quite like it! Business as usual.;)

The horror!!!

Oh, and Happy Thursday;)

"I walk slowly, but I never walk backward. "
-Abraham Lincoln 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello, My Name is Dr. Green Peace ;)

"Hello, my name is Dr. Green Peace" or AmsterDAMN!
Happy Ta-Ta Tuesday, My Sweets!
Here lies another Sandra London FLASHBACK, coupled with cleavage. Enjoy the rewind. I'm watching the Anthony trial right now, yo! 


Current mood:confused

I just remembered that, sometimes, I am very, ne sais quoi.

I wanted to go ahead and write about my trip to Amsterdam with the stunning DENVER. 


Because it's 3am.

And there is no time like the present. 

To talk about the past. 


So anyways, I think we went in...February.....?


"Alors, I arrive in "green"land at about 8am on a cold, blustery, wintry morning at the train station looking around earnestly for my pal. 

After about thirty minutes (and five euros), I realize he is nowhere to be found. 

Not to mention the fact that Dutch cards do not work well on my French cell (read: not at ALL!)  

It is a bit of mental gymnos, but I vaguely remember the name of the hostel he had previously mentioned booking. 

I'm trekking around, inadequately dressed as usual. 
A re-creation of that dear, dear sweater (SL pic shot Nov 2010)

I mean, my scant 'escruse' for a sweater is just not enough when one is battling the kind of elements which threaten to cling to one's nipples into perpetuity. 
For Illustrative Purposes Only ;) (SL pic shot Nov 2010)

But I digress. 

After stepping into a rasta cafe for a look-see and to ask for directions, I finally end up making my way up four flights of stairs in the Global____ hostel and into a room filled with ten bunk beds. 

Woot! ANIMAL HOUSE, truly!!! Umm....yeah...

I look around. 

Not a peep is heard, not even a mouse (thank gawd). 

I put my stuff down, trying to use the sheets on 'my' bed as a shield from having my things spoken for.

I sit still for a moment.  

The faint sound of sheets rustling just before me instantly causes me to gasp. 

I can see that there is a slight curve to the covers on the bunk bed, just a few feet away, suggesting a body cocooning within. 


I run over and shake the shape-shifter, hoping it is indeed DENVER and not some random to whom I'm unknowingly committing myself.

"Oh, hey! Sandra! Whats going on? What time is it?" he jumps up."Glad you could make it. How was the train ride?"

"It was great, " I shiver," but now it's cooooold!!!"

"I can see why you are under those covers. " I say, clutching my arms to my chest.

"I just got back, umm, a little while ago." he grumbles, rubbing the memory of last night from his eyes," I partied with the hottest biker dudes EVAR."

"Damn.....For serious?" I giggle," Well, let's go have some beer and head down to get, umm, coffee," I grin, anxious to get the party started and more than mildly jealous of his jump start to the festivities.

"Sounds good to me!" he says as he gets up out of bed, fully dressed and fabulous.

(DENVER, you're my hero!)

Now if only I could remember the rest of that weekend!!!! 



AmsterDAMN has a funny way of doing that..."


In SESSION (shhh!)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Monday! Back To The Grind

I'm going to go ahead and proclaim this "Take Sandra to Work Day" I dare you....NOT! Definitely NSFW.
So, I've heard you've a case of the Mondays.

Bet you didn't even notice my hair!

On me head, silly!!! Too late...Keep looking, It's coo'.

Wait! What the heck was that noise?

Do you REALLY find that appropriate right now?

OK. I'll finish up. You do the same. Now get back to work!!!!
And, though it may appear I've made a split decision, in fact, of course,I chose my brown roots over zee blonde....

I just decided to mix it up only for this here shoot. 

For both artistic and comedic delight.

Your L.A. Noire will return to down-to-there raven brown hair right after the jump;)

Now Get Over Your Case of the Mondays =)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Foxy Femmes On Fridays: It's A Softcore Life

Here is a smoking hot selection of five foxy femmes I stumbled across on the interwebs in the oui hours;)




Explore your Fantasy

Who are YOUR favorite Met Art Models?

Happy Weekend,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Playtime With Sandra: Featuring Lovable Bust-able Balloons!




To see how me and Nigel, the Teddy Bear "Boy of the Pink Ribbons" arrived at this.....

Busty Balloons 3 (The R-rated Topless Sequel) is currently available in my Adult Work Movie Gallery or, you can send $5 via 

1)MyGirlFund or 
2)to: via AlertPay

and it will arrive post-haste to your email inbox!

Bust a BUST,;P

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Moan Day! Have Some Girl Fun with Sandra London and Lily Cade

In need of Girl Fun? 

Well, the above teaser showcases a few precious moments from my FIRST-EVER Girl/Girl video. 


To watch the full twelve minute High-Definition clip, Girl Fun, featuring yours truly and the lovely redhead porn chick, Lily Cade, in all our shining naughty glory:

 => Send a $12.00 contribution to me on MyGirlFund.

Joining MyGirlFund (in and of itself) is absolutely free. 

YOU choose when and which sexy produce you'd like in your growing 'grown n' sexy' collection.

I was a girl/girl video virgin 'til this clip. There's a first for everything, eh? Score!

Come see for yourself! 

Girl Fun will be sent to your GirlFund mailbox upon receipt of your loving contribution.

The Deflowered,
The Warm-Up to What It Feels Like With A Girl

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To All The Cat Daddies

Happy Sunday!

Thought I'd give a cam's eye view of what the scenery looks like in my 'un-dressing' room at home when I'm giving a customized shout-out to a cute random. 

It's Father's Day, so for all you men who have yet to sow your seed, well, perhaps this clip will raise your sperm count. 

And you will be full of life.

Or positively bursting with it. ;)

That was my lustful attempt at humor. 

Forgive me!

To All The Cat Daddies,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fifteen Friday Finishers

OK, party peoples! 

Here lies a compilation of fifteen (plus two) of my favorite quotations to get your weekend started all inspirational-like or something. 

Feel free to add your own faves in the comments section! 


1) "We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse."

2) "I never admit or deny anything. It makes life more interesting."

3) I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them. If I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."

4) "Dance, even if you have to warn others to get out of the way first."

5) "The best things in life are free **plus shipping and handling.**"

6) "Restraining orders are just another way of saying, "I love you".

7) "A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it."

8) "Pressure makes diamonds."

9) "If you can't get someone out of your head, then perhaps they are supposed to be there."

10) "When I speak with my eyes, I tell more than just one story."

11)" THINK. It's not illegal yet."

12) "Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it."

13) "Don't look to where you fell, but where you slipped."

14) "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."-Ben Franklin

15) "Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must."- Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

Two bonus quotes to dry off with after the jump!

Bonus #1: 
"Sorrow looks back
Worry looks around
Faith looks up"

Bonus #2:
"I moaned because I had no shoes,
Until I met a man who had no feet"

From Your Weekend Femme,
Sandra London

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tupac Amaru Shakur

In loving memory of one of the greatest men to ever grace Planet Earth!

Rest in Peace,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"It's a Lush Life, B****!"

This is a Sandra London Flashback, which was originally written in late 2006, during my first-ever trip to The City...You know, the one. The City with "sex" in it ;) (Whoops, did I lose you there?)

Without further ado-Sandra London (Jan 2011)

Buckle up, New York-No Excuses! -Originally published in Nov 2006
Mood: chipper

Reserving this spot for a future detailed update. However, let me just say, I havent been in New York for even twenty-four hours and, yet, I have a lifetime of stories to tell.

Went from Burbank to Phoenix to Baltimore to Long Island for $200. (Go Southwest!)

I swear, the staff on the flight were straight out of Soul Plane! And I'll just leave it at that!

Hired a car service from Long Island to the Upper East Side.

The Turkish limo driver buddied up to me instantly, bemoaning the lack of a "real" girlfriend. 

He wanted me to help him find a love connection, Muslim-preferred, who doesn't just want him for money or gifts.

Right.  Like I know anything about THAT. ;) (smile!)

Danced my heart out within the members-only lounge of Cipriani in midtown, 

Brunched at Kitchenette in Morningside near Columbia U. 

Indulged in a moderate shopping spree on Madison Avenue with my lovely girlfriend, J.

Bought fancysexysl**  stockings from Wolford's and had to be pried away from wooly Michael Kors boots and a blazer that made me swoon. *Sigh*

My room is just big enough for a bed, tv, and dresser....

And I thought Parisian apartments were small!!!!

Be that as it may, it is definitely charming. And who needs a big place when The City is at your doorstep?

Oh, and what a city it is.......

It's a Lush Life, Bitch! Update-> Dec 3, 2006
Sandra London shot by Mark Thompson in January 2011

Mood: exhausted

"Narcissist, where art thou mirror?"

Sandra London January 2011

                                       NYC  Highlights

1) Thompson Hotel Lounge in the Village

The title of this blog entry, "It's a lush life, b****" , came from a random bit of grafitti scrawled on a wall a few blocks away from this lounge.

Kudos if you ever happen upon it.

Very schnazzy place with top notch dessert and peach Bellini.

Why, oh, why does Raspberry sorbet rock my small, self-centered world?

2) El Paso Mexican Restaurant

I frequented this place QUITE a bit, as it was only two blocks away from my humble abode.

Excellent enchiladas at wonderful, young-person-friendly prices.

Although, why is it that every time I specifically request not to have a certain ingredient in a dish that's the FIRST thing they put in it?

This seems to be par for the course almost everywhere. Meh....

3) Murray Hill

An ode to the beautiful four-story brownstone where I spent some time after my interesting guest apartment experience!

4) Mastering the Executive Arts, The Culture of Narcissism


The former I picked up at the ubiquitious The Strand bookstore.

The latter? 

In the annals of the aforementioned brownstone.

5) Spanish Harlem, Yorktown, Upper East Side

Pick a place, any place! Situated between the colorful Spanish Harlem and the posh Yorktown area...

My dwelling, The Macaw Guesthouse, was in a prime location for footing it down to Bloomingdales 

(40 blocks, woot! workout!)...

AND for hopping on the cross sectional S train to the Upper West Side and Columbus Circle. 


6) Downtown New York

The best area for New York restaurants and nightlife. 

Soho; Another night at Cipriani's; Savore's Italian restaurant for lunch, 

And a lovely evening of superb Indian cuisine at Devi which more than made up for the daunting experience at another regrettably unsatisfying Indian restaurant.

7) Limited Edition Jaguars

How's that for a phat ride? And, no, it wasn't mine. 

I WISH! Almost. 

Given that Jag's high-maintenance upkeep? No bueno! 

I have enough to worry about just getting myself dressed everyday (or not!) , never mind a fully-vetted luxury vehicle! 

But it sure was a magical ride!

8) New Yorkers 

Save a few less-than-memorable creatures, the majority of  New Yorkais were a LOT nicer than I presumed they would be.

9) Dinner for $1.25

 Egg drop soup and a drink for a whopping buck and a quarter.

10) 'The Surreal Life a la the Macaw Guest House Hot Tub'

Crazy stories abound when you put eight young people in a 4x6 hot tub!

Anyways....I will take 'their' secrets to my grave...

Or at least my hairdresser. Who knew?


Why is "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" by U2 the best song ever?

Heard this U2 song during karaoke night at Cipriani's (sheepishly, YES, for the first time ever), along with a Johnny Cash song (not Walk the Line) and I felt all giddy. 

For, like, days.

I still feel a bit heady. 

Cipriani's can 'chip my ahnee' any day of the week. 

Sandra London January 2011

                                  NYC Lowlights                               

1) Chin Chin

Ick. Upscale Chinese restaurant with icky food filled with pork, even when specifically asked to not include pork. 

Glad 'I' wasn't footing the bill! 

Not even their dessert redeemed the experience. 

Big thumbs down!

2) New Yorkers

I appreciate the blunt nature of East Coasters only up to a point. 

Then I start to yearn for the fake, syrupy smiles of the West Coast illusion (delusion?) that is Los Angeles

3) Getting lost

No fault at all of the city itself, just my scatter-brained arse....

Walked twenty blocks after getting off at the wrong stop while trying to navigate my way from the Upper East Side to Upper West Side.

Realized after the fact that a 1600 address is not necessarily on 16th street but rather on 52nd street. 

How's my math? 

I took a cab the rest of the way!

4) Cold, cold weather

New York is MUCH, much colder than Paris! 

Still glad I had  my sunglasses, though.

5) The 4 hr car alarm

After the madness of the guest house jacuzzi, how would anyone like to return to their basement floor apartment and hear( just outside their window, which is RIGHT next to the bed), 

an uber- sensitive car alarm that precedes to go off every two minutes for about, ehhh...four or five hours?

6) $1600/month rent (each)in SHARED apartment!!!!!!!

With never-ending noise overhead, out the window, and within the bowels of the heating apparatus; being lulled in and out of sleep incessantly by trains passing by across the street every 15 minutes.

7) Rats the size of ELKS

Walking out of the metro and heading 'home' and seeing rats that ought to be on leashes is kind of a wicked sight.

8) Haters

Having dingbats block the way on a narrow street and yelling erratically at me for crossing between them; 

A degenerate slamming his middle finger against our friend's limited edition Jag (It's called a good job, get one!); 

My being mistaken for a grade-schooler.

With these ****?

9) Being away from my buti...

Ever having to be away from people who make life that much more compellingly delicious

10) Retching

Was severly ill twice after two different nights of drinking. And not even to excess....I blame the veal. And the bits of grotty pork!
Sandra London shot by Mark Thompson in January 2011

~The End~

Pssst......For the record, I absolutely LOVE NYC, just in case you were unawares!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sexy, Sunny Sandra London Sunday

L.A. Blondine Part Deux

                                "It is better to be looked over than overlooked."-Mae West

I sifted through dozens of "ohmygolly, what the ???" songs on YouTube's audio-swap catalogue to find the first kick-arse song I could.

It just so happens to be "The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen. With a band name and rockin' song title like that, how could it NOT be full of win?

First I've ever heard of this group, but I quite like them! How about you?

Oh, and the photos in the photo gallery video were shot by French photographer, Isabelle Rouen almost one year ago to the day. She was amazing to work with and it was one of my favorite photo shoots ever!

I'm giving an ode to all the blondies because I'm thinking of lightening up a bit, even if only for the summer.

Perhaps not QUITE as, um, bright...but then again, maybe?!?!

Comments or suggestions are welcome...I'm just not ready to use the Asian jet-blue-black rinse I bought a few months back. Not yet, anyways!

Brownish blonde with some hints of auburn, einh?

Or does that sound like a big ball of FAIL? See how critical this decision is, y'all? This keeps me awake at night

OK, TONIGHT it damn sure is! Hmmm....Decision, decisions...

I suppose we shall see within the next day or three which way the dye turns....


A figment of *artificial intelligence,

*Inside joke about brunettes who go blonde. Oh, cringe!!! Had to do it. Me sorry!!! And I promise, promise, promise I'm totally kidding.

p.s.: I cannot remember whether I had more fun, though, being blonde last year. But I think boys did. Or thought "I" was. Or....

You know what? That's enough for today!

Happy Sunday!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Black Swans-A-Humpin'

Happy Hump Day!!! A Candid Sandra London dance video to Regina Spektor's song, " Standing"

A Beautiful Black Swan,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hide Your TaTas Today! ;)

Antoine Dodson and Daniel Tosh make such a dreamy duo. Even when talking about....well.....yeah! Hilarious web redemption video from Tosh.O. Glad I found it on YouTube. Had to share!

Not for those who can't deal with dark, but well-intentioned(?), humor or sensitive subjects.

But, hey, if you DO like this video, then perhaps we share the same sense of humor, in part, anyways!

Taunting Teets,

Monday, June 6, 2011

How the Floating World Meets Dry Land

Someone asked the question, " How do you apply the skills of a dancer to your life outside of stripping?

This was my answer:

I'd say the hard-won 'gift' of knowing you can make something out of nothing is the most valuable skill I've learned from dancing which is applicable to other areas of my life.

I've always been a go-getter academically and used to rely more heavily upon my intellectual confidence in:

=> securing new degrees/
=> getting into top schools
=> wowing strangers at the dinner table, etc..

But dancing taught me how to go BEYOND that and not to rest on my laurels.

You can be brainy and broke if you don't tap into your other natural 'human' talents.

You really get that hearty dose of gumption and conviction in your eyes that you can move about in a room of only ____sq ft and go home with

a) no money (or owing) or

b) making what would equate to a 9-5ers weekly or even monthly salary in the space of a night.

In the 'daylight' world, I know that this experience has helped me to push past any blinders or obstacles when tackling a new venture, or when trying to work my way out of what seems like a sticky situation or series of roadblocks.

You start to think fast on your feet, look for loopholes, brainstorm out loud, and just plain know that there IS an answer or a solution to what may initially seem daunting.

You know that you CAN make a way to do what you want to do somehow..if not during your first attempt, you still get that fire in you that you've seen it done.

And you feel less burdened when things don't go right at first because you've seen shitty situations turn to gold-mines within:

months, weeks, seasons, hours, minutes, and well as the reverse.

So, you get both the stiff upper lip AND the unbridled whimsy all-in-one.

You brace tightly for the rollercoaster that is life (ok, that prob sounds corny, but yeah)....

You are not afraid to push through the darkest hours, the rejections, the changes of fortune, etc...

Dancing is definitely not the only job that can help you utilize these sorts of skills in other areas of life. 

However, it is definitely one of the surefire ways to learn just how strong and steely you can truly be when you see opportunity before you.

Originally published on StripperWeb on January 17, 2011 @12:20PM <as "london">