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Friday's Fetish Flashback: Miss Bella Bellini

Friday's Fetish Fix Flashback: My Q&A with Bella Bellini 
(Originally published March 19th, 2011 on

Sandra London: So tell me about this spycam you have on How often are voyeurs able to take a sneak peek of you there?

Bella Bellini: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I actually have 3 spy cams set up at different angles upstairs where I do my cam sessions and shoot fetish videos. 

I'm adding a 4th spy cam upstairs this weekend because one of my members bought another one for me off my Amazon wish list. 

I also have a 'mobile' spy cam that I turn on at random times of the day when I'm out of range of my other spy cams. 

Sometimes members can watch me working up a sweat in tiny spandex booty shorts and a sports bra if I decided to exercise at home for the day. They can also watch me editing photos, videos, blogging. Or just being lazy and watching movies!

Members of can watch my spy cams included in their monthly membership. They also get access to lots of other voyeur houses in the network I run my spy cams on. So it is a pretty damn good deal for them!

But people who aren't members of my site can also watch my mobile spy cam when I turn it on. They just have to pay $4.99 for the privilege;) Non members can watch me at

Sandra: Have you returned to South Africa, since moving to Canada after being born? If so, what do you like best about South Africa? And what is the biggest difference for you between South Africa and Canada, and Toronto in general?

Bella: I've gone back to visit twice. I wish I could visit more. 

But it is a long flight and you have to cope with jet lag going there and coming back to Canada. So you really have to be able to go for 3 weeks at least. I don't have the time to take long holidays anymore now that I'm not a student.

South Africa is a beautiful country. You take the natural beauty for granted when you live there. I really miss it now that I live in Toronto. 

I watched the Bachelor this season because they went to South Africa for the final part of the show. The final episode was in Cape Town, the city were I was born and raised. It took my breath away when they showed the clouds coming over Table Mountain. 

Table Mountain is shaped exactly like a table, it is flat on top and right in the middle of the city. The ocean is behind the mountain so when a storm rolls in, clouds cover Table Mountain like a table cloth. I was actually crying during the stupid Bachelor. Not because of the proposal, but because of the amazing winery they visited.

Growing up in South Africa made me who I am as a person. I grew up in a mixed race family. My mother is white, my stepfather is coloured, and my half sisters are mixed. 

Coloured is a racial classification that is unique to South Africa because of our history with colonialism and apartheid. It isn't the old-fashioned way of saying that a person is black like in North America.

Coloured people don't consider themselves bi-racial like you might think. Obviously coloured people are a mix of white, black, Indian, and Asian races. But that has been over centuries of time. Since 1652, in fact! 

Apartheid was devastating for everyone in South Africa. It divided the country physically and split the soul of the country. The Group Areas Act forced black people to live in black parts of the city, white people in other parts of the city, and coloured people somewhere else. 

It was still illegal for different races to get married when my mother and stepfather got married. But they found a priest that agreed to it because the Apartheid government was starting to crumble around then. 

We couldn't live in the 'nicer' white neighbourhoods when I was very young. We had to stay in coloured neighbourhoods or 'poor white' neighbourhoods. My stepfather also didn't have a well paying job because schools were also segregated by race. So he didn't get a good education because only whites were given that privilege. Money was tight when I was young. People looked down on me at school because I came from a mixed family.

I was still in primary school when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. But I remember it like it was yesterday. The majority of the country was so happy. 

He is my hero. 

Nelson Mandela fought for the rights of all South Africans and spent 27 years of his life in prison because of it. And yet he had no bitterness when he was released and worked with his oppressors because he wanted to make things work in South Africa. He is the reason there was no civil war in South Africa during the transition from Apartheid to Democracy. 

You can tell I'm a very proud South African from all my rambling! But I love living in Canada also. Life is easier here. There isn't a huge gap between the rich and the poor. People told me to avoid certain areas of Toronto when I moved here because they were 'sketchy'. But I walk around those neighbourhoods and they look fine to me! Most Canadians have no idea what a 'sketchy' neighbourhood really looks like.

Canadians are more reserved than South Africans. South Africans speak our minds because we were censored for so many years. If someone makes a negative comment about an issue of race, class, gender, or sexual orientation you can bet they are going to hear something back from me! 

Canadians like living up to this facade that they are country filled with nice peaceful people. There are lots of great Canadians, most of my best friends are Canadians! But there is an undercurrent of distrust towards people that are different. 

I felt like an outsider for the first time this year during the G20 summit in Toronto. The government spent over $1 billion of tax payers' money to have a few weekend dinner parties to discuss how the rich countries were going to spend their money. 

There were violent protests in the streets of Toronto and extreme cases of police brutality. I was watching on t.v. at home crying because it reminded me of the riots in South Africa. 

I was shocked when most Canadians supported the police and blamed the protesters. These people had a legal right to protest and they were right also. The politicians said they were helping developing world. Yet, they only gave $5 million to women's health organizations over a span over a few years.  They excluded organizations who provide abortions. Abortion is a women's health issue. That is just one example, but there are many others.

People I knew, people my age, said the protesters should have stayed home. In fact they said everyone in Toronto should have stayed home if they didn't want to risk being beaten up by the police or illegally detained for over 24 hours with little food and water. I couldn't believe the 'nice' people of Canada were saying those things.

I suppose you become complacent when you live in a democracy and live well, but those rights can be taken away from you so quickly. That is why I always speak my mind, even when it is just some guy talking down to me in a chat room. I'll give him a lecture on women's rights and sex worker's right and then I'll ban his ass!

Sandra: Do you speak any other languages, aside from English? Have you ventured over to francophone Canada (eg: Quebec)? How was that? <I've been to Toronto, when I was working as a translator/interpreter for the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2007, but have not visited French-speaking Canada, although I am fluent in French and  lived in Paris for 3+ years. That's why I'm curious!>

Bella: I speak Afrikaans. 

It is similar to Dutch because South Africa was first colonized by the Dutch. But it is spoken by all South Africans. 

The band Die Antwoord rap in Afrikaans if you want to learn some really awesome Afrikaans swear words;p 
There are 11 national languages in South Africa! 

I wish I spoke more South African languages and other languages in general. Unfortunately Afrikaans was our compulsory second language class when I was in school. 

I've visited Montreal and Quebec City.

They are beautiful cities and I'm taking my mother to Quebec city in a few weeks when she visits me from South Africa. 

You feel like you are in Europe over there. It feels completely different to Toronto. 

People outside of Canada think Canadian culture is rather bland. But it isn't! Canadian culture is so diverse.

Sandra: Are you familiar with Monde Ose, a fetish/burlesque social group based in Canada? If not, are there other social groups that get together (both online and offline) who host events and of which you are a member? Also, if not, are there dominatrix groups that you are involved with who meet in person regularly? 

Bella: I'm not familiar with Monde Ose. But I'll look them up. I've always wanted to learn burlesque! 

I go to a few fetish parties in Toronto. But I don't advertise about it. Maybe you'll see me there, maybe you won't;) 

I was a featured personality on Sex Life  Canada recently:

I'm going to be on an informal panel of speakers at one of their events soon. They promote a sex positive approach to life and networking between sex workers and anyone who is interested in sex!

Sandra: OK. You have AMAZING  photos on your website. Who was the photographer for them (or were there several)? Who is your favorite photographer that you have ever worked with?

Bella: Thank you!

I worked with several photographers when I started out. 

However, I got frustrated with that because I'm a control freak. I wasn't sure the photographers would understand my concept, didn't really know how good they were, or when I would get the content. 

I was concerned that I wasn't completely in control of my content. 

Obviously content sharing is a problem because of piracy. But the photographer could sell those photos to all sorts of sites, even if you paid them. Or they said they would only use them for their portfolio. 

Now my boyfriend shoots all my 'pro' high resolution photos and HD videos. He enjoyed photography as a hobby when I met him. But he took photos of architecture and nature. Now I force him to take photos of me! (He doesn't complain though;) 

My boyfriend is obviously my favourite photographer. 

I DID enjoy shooting with Paul Buceta when I was featured on in their 'Girls of Toronto' series. 

Paul was very professional and the Playboy team were great to work with. 

Their lighting set up was unreal! I want to have professional lighting like that in my studio one day. Then I would always look my best, even if I only slept 2 hours the night before;p

Sandra: What is your favorite site for getting your fetish fix (A Forum, directory, camming, review site)? 

Bella: My favourite fetish models are Mosh from and Apnea from 

Obviously they are both beautiful. 

Mosh is so inspiring because she does these crazy poses. She used to be a gymnast so I'll never be that good. But she has definitely inspired me to do yoga more often! 

Apnea shoots really creative fetish content and her personality shines through. She's like a fetish pixie Goddess:) They both shoot lots of latex fetish content. So obviously I get my fetish fix there since latex is my favourite fetish!

Apnea's fiance, Chase Lisbon is also a photographer and cinema photographer. His site is 

Chase really blurs the line between porn and art because he is so talented. You'll definitely rub one out if you are a fetishist and watch one of his movies or look at his photos. Or even if you are just into girls;p

He has created this mysterious alternate fetish world in his work. And you want to go there when you look at his work. I want all my erotic dreams to be directed by Chase Lisbon!

All in all, Twitter is my favourite place for getting my fetish fix. 

I'm a twitter addict and I'm clicking on as many links on there as I am posting. I follow lots of people in the industry and I'm constantly inspired and turned on by all of you:)

Sandra: How did you learn to develop your site? Did you take a class on web design? Read online on how to do so, etc? Any interesting stories on the beginnings of your site, while creating it?

Bella: I did not take any classes in web design. I wish I did! 

I knew nothing about the online adult industry when I started. 

I stumbled across a job posting for webcam models on Facebook one fateful night at 2 in the morning. It said the usual thing "Webcam models needed. Make thousands of dollars a week from home!" 

I was a student so that sounded fantastic since I definitely wasn't making thousands of dollars a week.

My clients were always telling that I should have my own site. So I thought why not! 

I hired a web designer but it was a huge mistake. I didn't know who to hire, so I hired a flash designer and my whole website was in flash. 

It looked pretty, but I hate flash! 

I went through 2 other web designers after that, but they never gave me what I was looking for. So, I just said 'Fuck it, I'm going to learn how to do this myself.'

I'm not good at it, I don't know if I ever will be. 

My strengths are reading people, and interacting with people. That is why I was going to be a psychologist and that is why I'm a Dominatrix now. I think that is also why I'm reasonably good at marketing myself. 

Unfortunately, coding just makes my brain hurt. I also have no artistic abilities. I know what colours look good together and fortunately I like minimal designs. So I just go with that;p 

People love my logo. But it is really simple. It is just a crown vector and my name is in Helvetica. I love typography! Helvetica is the best font out there. Check out the documentary Helvetica if are a font geek like me

I spend lots of time learning about web design, marketing, and seo online. But obviously I don't code from scratch. I use wordpress, which makes my life a million times easier. I use 2 different wordpress frameworks. 

My official site runs on Thesis: It makes customizing the standard wordpress theme much easier.

I also recently discovered 

Themify is also a Wordpress framework, but they have lots of great skins that make customization even easier. I just built my online booking site on one of their skins

I'm still tweaking it. But even the standard settings are awesome. Using a wordpress framework for your site will save you money in the long run. 

You won't have to waste your money on designers who don't give you want you want. Good web designers are expensive. You don't pay $1000 for a site, you pay a good web designer $5000 + for a site. 

So I suggest becoming familiar with wordpress and investing in a wordpress framework for around $200 instead. Wordpress also makes search engine optimization much easier.

Just say no to PSD text! It might look pretty but google won't love you.

Sandra: Are you happy with CCBill?  How long have you been working with them as a payment processor and what do you like best about working with them?

Bella: I've used CCBill since I started my site.

They have the best track record in the industry. 

Fellow cam girls know how important that is after the whole Epassporte fiasco! I'm satisfied with CCBill. 

I know a lot of cam girls stay away from them because of high fees and the $750 visa fee. But, keep in mind, affiliates prefer joining CCBill affiliate programs. So if you want affiliates to promote your site. You really should use CCBill.

Zombaio looks interesting and I'm thinking of trying them out for a new site I'm launching. I've signed up for Alert Pay but I haven't used them yet. I should get on that!

Sandra: Do you self-photograph any or all of your own content for your site? What are your 'tools of the trade and favorite product brands?

Bella: I have a lot of self-shot content on my site. It is popular with my members and I think it feels more intimate because they know it was just me, the camera, and them in my mind;) 

I'm so happy that I can take photos with my logitech HD PRO C910 on my mac finally! I hate windows.

I'm the proud owner of the ultimate webcam. 

I admit that it is rather ridiculous that I have my Logitech cam and I'm still figuring out how to use it. 

It doesn't even work on most sites. 

I have to use Wirecast to stream on Streamate and for my member shows. Wirecast is like a more high tech version of the flash media encoder. 

The flash media encoder doesn't pick up the HD signal from my Sony EVI-HD1 That's the HD upgrade of the Sony EVI-100 that you see lots of cam girls using with their remotes. 

I bought the Sony EVI-100 and loved it because of the pan/tilt/zoom features and the remote. But it isn't HD. 

I found the Sony EVI-HD1 on ebay at a very discounted price because it was a refurbished model. 

It is my baby! I'm selling my Sony EVI-100 if anyone is interested;)

I also use my iphone4 for self-shot photos and videos. I love that phone!

Sandra:  Have you ever visited the US in a professional capacity: modeling, fetish work, tv, travel dancing, film, etc? If so, which visit was most enjoyable and why? Which city was it? If not, do you have any plans to do so?

Bella: I shot with a photographer in L.A when I went there on holiday a year ago, but it was just for my site. 
I worked with a great photographer in New York once. 

He had an amazing studio and was also a music producer. We recorded an 'orgasm' track of me faking an orgasm at the end of our shoot. It was hilarious because it was in a real recording studio with the sound booth, headphones and microphone.

I do travel frequently. It is one of my favourite things to do. 

I'm going to Cancun next month. 

I always take photos for my site when I travel. It is mostly just to share with my members because I see my site as a reflection of me, so I want them to see everything I get up to! 

But when I'm on holiday I'm on holiday. I don't want to work!

Sandra: What's next for you and for (New projects, trips, specials, etc)?

Bella: I have so many projects in development right now! 

I have a few niche blogs I'm working on to promote my own site and other sites. I'm also trying to balance my real time sessions with my online work. 

I really enjoy my "in-person" Domination sessions. 

The experience of the power exchange is amazing and I love being in control of the subs experience and seeing them enter subspace. They get this need they have met and an intense endorphine high.

I also leave the session on a high that can last for days!

My online sessions are also satisfying. I'm working on a project to try and make some of my online sessions more like my in person sessions. 

Members will be able to pay a monthly rate and be trained by me via Skype, assignments, videos, email and text checkins. 

I have fun shooting photos, videos, and doing my member cam shows, however, I want to have a more intimate connection with a lucky few stable of pets!

We spend lots of time connecting with people online but it can be very impersonal. I want to try and make it more personalized to the sub and of course serving me!

Sandra: Lastly, is there anything you'd like to get across to my readers about you that may not be immediately visible on your site? Perhaps a final note to give them a sense of what it is your brand hopes to evoke or convey?

Bella: Embrace your sexuality, kinks and who you are! 

Who cares if you get turned on by girls laughing at your small penis? I think that's awesome and I have fun laughing at your tiny dick;p 

Get your fetish fix as long as it is consensual. 

Have fun with it, life is too short not to go on sexual adventures.

And for my fellow cam girls: 

Be as independent as you can be in this industry. 

There are lots of scam artists who will try and promise you the world.  The truth is that the adult industry is crumbling because of piracy. 

Companies are going out of business all the time. 

We are actually in a better position than a big company at this point in time. You can't steal a live session with a cam girl or Dominatrix. Own your content, interact with fans, and sex workers will own the interwebz!

*****End of Interview with Fetish Vixen, Miss Bella Bellini*****

Thank you, Miss Bellini!!!! 
Sandra London

To get your fetish fix, visit today and see what special brand of wicked Bella has in store for you! Highly recommended! I luv this grrl!

Bella Bellini was interviewed by Sandra London on March 19th, 2011 for 

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