Monday, May 9, 2011

A Case of the Mondays: My Bloody Mary

Revisited: My Bloody Mary---"A short, morbid romance quickie by Adult Entertainer, Sandra London"

I found her in the bath. 
Legs splayed over the rim of the tub. 
Her red hair shaved and stubbly over her plump vaginal lips. 

Her other lips were bruised. A shockingly sensual shade of violet. 

Her fingers were clinched tightly, grasping at something unknown. 
But decidedly uninvited. 

Those eyes.

I chose not to take more than a passing glimpse. 
They had obviously seen it all. 

But they were STUCK. 


Capturing ME forever more. 

And they were judging me. 

Why did they CONTINUE to do that? 
Why are they still? 

Shall I pluck them out? 

Oh, Rosemary!
Even in death you mock me. 

You should have seen it coming. 


I just can't help that I love you. 

*****End of Revisit*****
(Originally published March 2011 on To Live and Grind in L.A.)

Pushing Through The Agony and Ecstasy,

-Saw It. Wanted It. Smiled Real Perky. Got It!!!!

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